We build rewarding membership sites

Opinodo entertains and rewards millions of people through membership sites.

A global media company

Opinodo has built a suite of international media brands. We are based around free membership-based content. This means that sign-up is a crucial element in our DNA. 

Every month, millions of people sign up for one of our brands in one of the +140 countries where we are active. Content production is an ever-growing core of our company, expanding across all formats and platforms. 

A great place to work

Yes, we are looking for you! We’re a fully remote company, but we love to meet up as often as possible.

Meet the management

We focus on having a true inclusive culture with a strong focus on keeping the entrepreneural spirit alive. Meet our Finance Director Kristina Nikolic and Content Director Anica Simovic. Hear how we make people of different age, gender, belief, and origin work together.