Monetize with surveys.

Collect emails from your users.
Earn money on auto pilot.

How does it work?


You have a site. You want to convert traffic to leads (emails) and at the same time create a recurring revenue stream from these. You implement one of our simple tools to capture leads.


Conversions can now be accessed on your Opinodo dashboard. When we use your emails for surveys, you can see the earnings here. Easily download emails for your own campaigns. 


Every month we pay out the earnings for the interviews your recruited users have conducted. You will be paid for every interview. We pay out automatically – no invoice needed.

Make people talk. Change thoughts.

We pair interviews with people.

Opinodo does not ask any questions or conduct any surveys ourselves. Instead we pick and collect interesting surveys from different market research companies. Based on the demographics of your panelists, we match the right interview with the right person. This way we get a more fun experience with a large diversity in surveys. As a base principle we pay your panelists money for participation in interviews. This has proved to be an effective way to illustrate to the panelists that their answers are valuable and are actually being used to change products, services and societies one interview at a time. We call this ‘everyday democracy’. And communicating this is a very important value to us. 

Insights and technology

You are in control of your data and users on the Opinodo platform.

The Opinodo platform has been built with a focus on removing any work tasks for publishers. We supply you with effective tools to set up automated recruitment, metrics to evaluate your results and easy export functionality for exporting your user data. You don’t even have to invoice us to get paid. 


Your user data is stored in our environment and updated in realtime with user signups and engagements. 


Enjoy insight in your users activity over time. This will give you insights to estimate lifetime value and more. 


Since the data is yours, you set the rules on how it should be used. We provide access for you to export data easily.