Blogging isn’t just writing and publishing, although it might seem like that. As a blogger, you need to know much more than just creating a blog post. A good blogger has an extremely wide knowledge of different areas, depending on what he/she does, and is above all acquainted with all the different fresh information. One category in particular is which tools one can find to make his/hers job easier and profits bigger. Thankfully, biggest tool container is the Internet, as there are lots of awesome free or paid tools useful for publishers. Here are some of them:

#1 Google Hangouts

Now you may think “Okay, I know what’s Google Hangouts, and how will that help?” If you need a tool for consulting, teaching, for webinars or just Q&A meetings with followers, you could always use Google Hangouts. It’s free, simple, trusted and totally underestimated (for no reason).

#2 Wunderlist

Are you one of those people who are constantly having a problem to remember their tasks? If so, say hello to this helpful platform. Wunderlist will help you organize any task you have, both personal or professional. You can create different folders, share tasks with others, set up reminders and alarms and print them.

#3 SEMrush

This is an interesting SEO tool, but slightly different from similar SEO keyword searches. On SEMrush you can research keywords, but you can also type URL and check out website ranks. You can also find ideas for new keywords and how to grow your organic traffic.

#4 Buffer

We all know that the job begins after you publish a blog post. One part of Buffer is available for free, but if you want to have access to entire platform, you need to go premium. This app will help you with organizing and publishing posts on every Social Media you use. Besides this, all of your profiles on Social Media will be organized in one place, so tracking and scheduling will be really easy and fun.

#5 MailChimp

If you need a platform where you can track and organize email subscribers, this is the one. This tool is free if you have less than 2.000 subscribers – if you have more than that, lucky you, but you’ll have to pay. By using this platform it, you’ll send more quality emails and your email open rate will grow. Some of the usual emails, such as welcome emails or abandoned carts, will be sent automatically, so you won’t have to bother with that, while your business will look more professional. Finally, you’ll be able to track and measure MailChimp work and progress on your profile.

#6 Opinodo

Every blogger wants to know the ways for monetizing their work. One of the tools is Opinodo, a relatively new way for earning from your blog. Opinodo is a middleman between publishers with traffic (which is you) and marketing research companies (because they need diversified sample of people). The process is simple – you only need to recruit people, team Opinodo is doing the rest. Each time a person does a survey, he/she is rewarded, and you earn, as well as us. Cherry on top: every new recruited person is a new contact in your email list. Try it, doesn’t cost you anything. You’ve got nothing to lose, and much to gain.

#7 Unicheck

If your blog has original and unique content, it’s always possible that somebody will just copy your articles. There’s no way you can prevent it, but some tools can help you with detecting it. Unicheck will help you with detecting plagiarism – if you doubt that somebody might duplicate your words and articles, this platform is really helpful. When you upload the text you want to check, the platform will scan the entire Internet, every document, article or anything published online.

#8 OptimizePress

Another tool designed for WordPress users. OptimizePress is a great tool for creating landing pages (or any other page). You can add this tool through WordPress plugins, so you’ll have easy access to it. More than 40 custom elements are available, but you can also customize and choose your own template. This is a paid tool, but if you don’t like it, within the first 30 days you can ask for a total money refund.

#9 PeerFly

Interested in affiliate marketing programs? This tool is one of the most popular when it comes to affiliate networks. You can register as a publisher or an advertiser – both sides are highly profitable and popular. Some of the popular PeerFly users are sites like Fiverr and After your registration, you’ll have personalized feed, so your dashboard will be customized – you’ll see only that which interests you.

#10 Dropbox

This is a no-brainer. Storage and save any file thanks to this platform. No matter if it’s image, video, text or PDF, Dropbox will keep your files safe. You can share everything you want with others easily, and the app offers you free 2.0 GB of storage.