Grow your e-mail list: 10 proven ways to capture e-mail leads

Are you having it hard to generate e-mail leads so that you can grow your blog or company? Maybe you’ve tried some different things but you’re just not happy with the lead flow you are getting? Or maybe you haven’t tried and you don’t know where to start?

In any case, don’t worry, because there are always many solutions you can try to improve your lead generation strategy! Check out our favorite 10 picks in no particular order:

1. Use a pop-up when a user shows exit-intent

An example of an exit-intent pop-up used at Quick Sprout blog by Neil Patel

OK, nobody is really too thrilled with pop-ups and when they are used too much or wrong, they can ruin user experience. However, when used in a clever way, popups can really boost your lead generation efforts.

Exit-intent pop-ups are a great example for this. For instance, when someone is about to close the browser or switch the tab, exit-intent technology triggers a pop-up. The user will stop to see what just appeared (preventing them from leaving), and when it’s a pop-up with an appealing invitation or a lead magnet, it will work as a charm!


2. Use a dedicated landing page

HubSpot has probably hundreds of different “subscribe to” landing pages, this one is for their blog.


It’s always a good idea to have a dedicated landing page for e-mail leads generation. It is easy to link to from different sources, and it can definitely boost your e-mail leads flow.

Remember to design it without (too many) distractions, with contrasting colors and noticeable subscribe button, as well as some reviews and social proof combined with a lead magnet. (If you don’t know what a lead magnet is, don’t worry. Just keep reading, there’s a whole point on lead magnets below.)


3. Have a lead magnet in place (e.g. a content update)

Advisera is market leader in providing documentation and online support for different ISO standards. They offer a lot of free materials if you subscribe.

A lead magnet is a useful or attractive piece of content, trial service, discount, free delivery or pretty much anything that can spice up the deal and motivate users to subscribe to your e-mail list.

A great way to have an effective lead magnet is to use so called “content update” lead magnets. Basically, it is addition to your blog post or a guide the users are reading. If you wrote a blog post on 10 ways to build your e-mail list, you can have a PDF guide to 15 free tools for e-mail automation. If you wrote about 5 tips for a great guest blog post, you can add a PDF list over 200 websites for guest posts etc.

A good lead magnet will drastically improve the number of people singing up.


4. (Newsletter) sign up form on Facebook

Services like MailChimp usually offer a lot of integration possibilities for Facebook Pages.


A simple way to get more e-mail leads is to have a signup form on your Facebook Page. If you have a newsletter, that’s a great opportunity to invite your readers or customers to sign up.

Different e-mail management providers like MailChimp already have a pre-build Facebook Sign-up form you could use for your e-mail newsletters.

It’s a great opportunity to be able to design and customize the tab so that it is branded. You can use different apps for customization, and if you hire a freelancer or if you have a technical team or a friend who’d help out, you can create your own in iFrame or CSS.


5. Arrange Facebook contests

With over 100 million followers world wide, Coca Cola has a strong presence on Facebook, and they’ve used many different contests throughout time Phoro: screenshot/Coca Cola Facebook Page


Arrange different Facebook contests, sweepstakes and offers to get e-mails from your customers and readers. Facebook contests are cheap, easy to do, and they generate tons of engagement and e-mails.

Branded contests are a great activity to try, and there are many good examples from both big brands like Coca Cola, Vans, Dove, and medium and smaller publishers and businesses have successfully used them.


6. Try with less choices

Buffer’s homepage has clear call to actions and no distractions. Photo: screenshot/

This is more like a general tip, but less choices equals to less confusion. Of course, you should always give the viewers/users enough choices, but don’t have too many links, images and distractions from the sign up form and button.

Have a single call to action (CTA) or 2 at most, not 5.


7. Be active on LinkedIn

With hundreds of millions registered professionals, LinkedIn is a perfect network for B2B content

LinkedIn has opened its publishing platform for all users, which means you could try it out as well. Is it worth the time? We definitely thin so. Besides, HubSpot surveyed 5000 small businesses and concluded that LinkedIn outpaced competing social media networks when it comes to lead generation.

However, having your posts read on LinkedIn is just one step. You need to provide good value and link to a landing page with lead magnet, so that you can capture leads.


8. Don’t forget Google+ communities

Google+ has a great potential for reaching your target group, especially when it comes to Communities

Google+ is that kind of a social network everyone typically forgets about when they’re thinking of their social media strategy. However, you should not underestimate its potentials, especially when it comes to Google+ communities.

Google+ is not just a social network by SEO people for SEO people, there are many different communities out there. Content Marketing Institute, HubSpot and many wrote tips and in-depth guides on using Google+ for reaching bigger audience.

It can be as easy as writing a good blog post (with a magnet lead), and sharing to a relevant Google+ community. For example, you can write a blog on 10 ways to write an effective headline, with a free download of an in-depth guide with a checklist and sites for inspiration, and then share it in “Bloggers and copywriters” Google+ community. In no time, you’ll probably have interested people leaving you their e-mails.

8b. Extra tip: Use Facebook Groups as well!

In (almost) the same way, you could use Facebook Groups to reach out to relevant audiences.

However, in both cases, it is important not to spam and follow both the network’s guidelines and the guidelines of the group itself.


9. Host a webinar

There are a lot of (free) possibilities to host a webinar, which is a great way to gain leads

Webinars can attract  huge numbers of interested people – your target audience, and they work like a lead generation magic!

It is important that the webinar is giving a lot of value (know-how, interesting perspectives, case studies, Q&A…). You can host a webinar by yourself, or have guest speaker. It is important that it is a person with a lot of authority in the field.

There are both free and paid-for professional solutions for webinars, like Webinarjam, that gives you a vast number of options.


10. Use Opinodo to build your e-mail list and monetize it

Opinodo gives you a chance to grow your e-mail base and monetize it hustle-free


Opinodo is an easy way to both grow your e-mail list and monetize it. When you recruit Opinodo panelists, you’re actually recruiting e-mail subscribers for your own brand or blog as well. Basically, it is free list building and traffic monetization at the same time.

We believe that the best methods for recruitment are automated, so we have different solutions like popup and transactional e-mails. The last one, transactional e-mails, is very effective and easy to include, as it gives you possibility to invite your customers or readers to participate in surveys when you’re sending transactional emails like “Welcome to my blog” or “Thank you for your purchase”.

To begin, can easily create your free account here, or you can read more about Opinodo, monetization and more on our pages.


Milos Belcevic
Milos is the COO at Opinodo, with a background in project management, biz dev, marketing, communications and journalism. He worked as a freelancer on various projects for clients from more than 15 countries before joining Opinodo to take part in shaping it. He has passion for literature, touch for storytelling and heart for startups.
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