3 E-commerce tricks: Using QR code on thank you notes and more

E-commerce became amazingly developed and it forces online retailers to improve their business. If you are one of them, you need to step out and use a lot of different tricks in order to differentiate from the competition. Some of them are mobile forms of your site, innovative CTA, offline and online interaction with customers and similar. Here are 3 e-commerce tricks:

#1 Using QR code on “thank you” notes

QR codes can be used in lots of different ways, which tells us they are valuable and useful. When someone is ordering your products online, you should do your best to connect with your customers. They should feel you care for them and you can do it with small signs of attention – adding “thank you” notes next to the product is one of them. Imagine that you’ve ordered a product online, and when it arrived, a nice thank you note was inserted, too. You would think that’s cool, right? It is an amazing way to make people remember you.

Now, let’s talk about another useful thing for you – adding QR code on your “thank you” notes. Along with the text, add QR code and ask your buyers to subscribe to your list. It will be effective – you know that happy feeling when your order finally arrives? Well, if people read your note in that moment of excitement, they will most likely react positive. So, take advantage of that!

#2 Loyalty programs

Loyalty programs in e-commerce can be amazing but also can fail easily. So it is really important to be perfectly informed and prepared before you make one. First thing you should consider are customers. They need to like your offer – so think as a consumer, that’s a road to success.

Imagine now that you are a consumer. You would probably like to join a simple loyalty program – when we say simple, we mean easy and not complexed. You would want to understand right away what that loyalty program offers you. Next, if you decide to join any loyalty program, you would want the sign up process to be easiest possible – quick, with only few information required and it would be the best if the sign up process can be done just linking with Google account.

Another important thing – offer a value for your consumers. Long story short, if you want your loyalty program to be successful, you need to create a “win-win” situation: for you and for your customers.

#3 Giveaways

Organizing a giveaway is different based on what you want to achieve: to attract new customers, to motivate your regular customers or other. Giveaways are usually oriented on giving money, product or coupons. People love giveaways (especially the ones with money involved), so you should take advantage of that.

It’s up to you – choose which type of giveaway fits your business the most and plan it all out. Take care of your usual buyers, costs, resources and all the other important aspects. Promote it through your website, Social media, newsletter… Also, if you fail once it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try it again, it just means that you need to change the strategy.


Katarina Jerinic
Katarina likes to write useful and interesting stories for Opinodo and our brands. She’s a journalist by vocation and deeply interested in marketing and public relations, studying MSc in Marketing and PR. On Opinodo blog, she shares different insights, tips and tricks for website monetization through our platform.