3 pop-ups to expand your email list easily

We all know that pop-ups might seem annoying and pushy, but if used correctly they might seriously help you expand your email list. Do you know that there are a few different pop-up types, not just one? Here are 3 pop-ups we chose as good examples on how to expand your email list easily:

#1 Exit intent pop-ups

What are these?

This type of pop-ups will show up when you’re about to leave the website/blog. They are designed in order not to be irritating – if you liked the site, it won’t bother you to type your email address. This kind of CTA is very effective because it offers the visitors only one option, so the pop-up will have more success.

It’s important to consider why are people usually leaving your site without any action. After that, you’ll know how to create your pop-up. Maybe the key is to redirect them to another page, offer a discount, asking them to participate in your contest, memberships or similar. Make it simple, short, with good CTA and you’ll see the results.

#2 Abandoned cart pop-up

What are these?

As the name says, these pop-ups show when you’re about the leave the website and you have one or more than one product in your cart. Only around one-third of carts ends up with shopping. Which tells us this type of pop-ups make sense. By using them the right way, you’ll increase the number of purchases.

As you can tell, abandoned cart pop-ups are similar to exit intent pop-ups. Another similar thing is detecting the problem – before you start using these pop-ups, you should figure out why people are leaving your site without making their purchase. Is it because the product is too expensive, or shipping costs or something else. You need to know that abandoned cart doesn’t necessarily mean that the person will never buy the product – he’s just not buying it now.

Your goal with this type of pop-ups will be to convince visitors to consider the purchase and you can offer them codes for discounts or something similar. They’ll get the discount and you’ll get their email address.

#3 Opinodo pop-up

What are these?

Opinodo is a new way to monetize your blog/website and to grow your email list at the same time. It works as a middleman between publishers (that’s you!) who are recruiting people and market research companies who need a sample of people for their researches. We at Opinodo are offering you a few different ways to recruit people – one of them is via pop-ups.

Your only job will be to recruit people, and if you do it via pop-ups (which means that you nearly don’t have to do anything) it will have multiple benefits for you. The pop-up we’ll create for you will have a clear value proposition for visitors and it is easy for them to register. From our experience so far, this way is highly effective and that’s why we recommend it to our associates. If you want to know more about us, read more here or to send us email with additional questions. 🙂

Katarina Jerinic
Katarina likes to write useful and interesting stories for Opinodo and our brands. She’s a journalist by vocation and deeply interested in marketing and public relations, studying MSc in Marketing and PR. On Opinodo blog, she shares different insights, tips and tricks for website monetization through our platform.