Being a copywriter might seem easy – actually, it is everything but simple and negligible. Your job is to attract new readers, increase traffic and generate leads. Because of that, it’s important to know every single tip about good copywriting, and we’re here to help! Here are 3 powerful copywriting tips in order to make your work even better:

#1 Value over products

While writing the text, your main goal is to attract the readers and make them want to read more from you. But the biggest question is how to do that, right? Try with pointing up value over products. It means that you should try to avoid typing only the facts about your product/service (or any other thing you’re trying to sell). Instead of that, try with what has the value for your readers. They want something that will give them some benefits, they don’t need boring facts. Let’s make an example:

You’re writing about a gluten-free, low-carb product and you want to appeal big number of potential customers. If you write about all the ingredients, calories, nutrition data and similar, people will find that boring. It might be the best product ever, but your text won’t attract much readers. But, if you write that it’s “an improved product that reduces cholesterol, gives you energy for the entire day and helps you improve your healthy lifestyle”, will that be more appealing?

The point is to think about who you want to attract and what has the value for them. After that, when you type the benefits for your readers, you can write the facts. But, never start with them because it’s not effective.

#2 Target emotions

While making decisions, we always think that we’re rational beings. Actually, it’s scientifically proven that we’re more often caught by our emotions and not our logic. So, while doing the copywriting job, try to target your readers’ emotions. Use emotions throughout the text – by this we mean to start from the headline. Look at our headline and think about it – you’ve clicked on it and now you’re reading the text, so it’s working! 🙂

Another thing you should try is storytelling – that way you’ll surely evoke emotions of the reader. After that, readers feel connected with you and you’re definitely going to improve your traffic. But be careful and don’t overdo it, because it can have an opposite effect.

#3 Problem and it’s solution

This one is similar to the first two, actually it combines the first and the second tip. Every good storytelling text must have a problem and a solution for the problem. The order of writing goes like this: you’ve introduced your readers to the potential problem and now you need to explain how your product/service can help.

Readers love to see that you understand them and that you write “from their perspective”. It will create a bond between you and your readers, and will increase traffic.


Katarina likes to write useful and interesting stories for Opinodo and our brands. She’s a journalist by vocation and deeply interested in marketing and public relations, studying MSc in Marketing and PR. On Opinodo blog, she shares different insights, tips and tricks for website monetization through our platform.