Building up a team when you’re a small business owner can be an exhausting and a difficult job. Finding quality, hard-working and open-minded people might seem impossible. Luckily, the Internet saves the day – you don’t necessarily need to seek people near you, you can link up with them online. Freelancers are the workers and teams of the 21st century. And the following three sites are where quality and agreeable prices meet:

#1 UpWork

This website might be the most popular when it comes to finding freelancers. It’s used among big number of business owners and freelancers. So, why will it be useful for you? Because you can find freelancers from almost every field of expertise: copywriters, programmers, marketing experts and other professions.

Good thing about UpWork is that you can go into details with your request. It means that, when you create your profile, you can explain more about your company, job offer and skills you need. After you fill in the information needed, the site will send you list with freelancers who meet the criteria. You can see their profiles with their CV and information about achievements, previous experience and similar – all of this will make your decision a lot easier.

Next step is to organize interviews with the candidates – you can do Skype interview or chat, but Skype is always a better choice. Last part includes the deal between you and your new employee: about the job, working time and all of the additional information.

#2 People Per Hour

PeoplePerHour might be the best choice for you if you’re seeking for web designers, marketing experts, developers and similar. This website gathers talented and hard-working freelancers from all around the world – they are available for flexible working and you just need to search for the right people for your business.

The website is used by over 1 million people daily – some of them want to find a job and others want to find an employee, just like you. Amazing thing is that you don’t need to pay in order to use the PPH platform. Also, it has a lot of great features: after registration, you’ll have your own inbox where you can communicate with potential employees and you’ll get notifications whenever there’s an available freelancer suitable for you.

#3 Fiverr

Fiverr is something like a catalogue of freelancers and their offers – you can choose for the freelancer you need, but can’t create an job offer, which makes Fiverr a little bit different from the other websites.

You’re offered to choose between different categories, and every category is divided later on, so the range of freelance jobs is really large. The fact that you don’t need to write information about you and your company makes the process of finding freelancers a lot easier – you just need to find what fits you the most and contact the freelancer of your choice.

Because Fiverr is a community of freelancers, they are creating pricing lists for their services. Price range is between 5 and 1000 dollars, which means that there are really difficult and quality jobs available. So, if you like the idea of just picking the freelancer you like, without any other effort, Fiverr might be your new favourite website.