If you opened this article, you are probably aware of the importance of quality headlines. If we say that they are the most important part of a text, it wouldn’t do justice to the other parts, but let me put it this way: People usually decide if they want to read the text the moment they see the headline – and that’s a fact! So, here are 3 tips for good headlines:

#1 Ask questions + “how to”

Personally, I find it really catchy when headlines are in a form of a question. For example “Do you know how to write an amazing headline?”. That would make me click the link and read the text. And it’s not just me, it’s proven that lots of people will read an article which has a question in the headline. It sounds intriguing and it makes you want to know the answer (even when you already know it). Of course, the question you will ask in the headline is supposed to be related with the rest of the text. Actually, the text should be the answer to the question.

#2 Use words carefully

Some words have persuasive power on readers, so you should use them carefully and be picky when writing headlines. People prefer headlines that provoke some kind of emotion, and a good choice of words will allow you to do just that. Try it with some strong adjectives, like essential, persuasive, powerful, inspiring, better/best, successful, valuable etc.

Before you choose that one catchy word for your headline, think about the effect you want to produce. If your text is serious and scientific, avoid words like: epic, ultimate, coolest, amazing and similar (you understand the point). Words in headline should reflect the entire text, but they should be catchy at the same time.

#3 It should be useful

What should be useful? Well, pretty much everything. The whole article should contribute in some way to the reader. The headline should simply put, reflect the usefulness of the article. The reason is simple – if it’s not offering any value to readers, they won’t read the article at all. This might be the most relevant thing about headlines. You can basically consider it a golden rule.

So, to conclude this, the most efficient way to make a headline is to combine these three tips. If you manage to do that, you will without a doubt have an article which your readers will gladly click on and use their own time to find out what you want to tell them.