3 tips on how to have a successful blog in 2017

Opinodo is platform used in more than 40 countries by many different publishers of all kinds. Basically, if you have internet traffic and e-mail lists that you would like to monetize, whether you’re a hobby blogger, brand or an e-commerce, you could use Opinodo to boost your recurring revenue… However, a lot of our publishers are smaller and medium-size bloggers.

That’s why we have prepared these 3 short tips. If you’re running (or planning to run) a blog, this could help!

You don’t have to love what you’re writing about – but it is both helpful and makes your blog better and more honest

#1 Find your niche

This is not a must, but it helps! Especially if you’ve recently started your blog. What are you passionate about? What’s your area of expertise? What do you care about?

Maybe you like running? Are you a parent? Do you like good books or films? Are you passionate about making food? You should find your niche, and start building up a renomé based on compelling content and added value to readers.

Byggebloggen.dk, one of publishers who uses our platform to almost triple his RPM (revenue generated per thousand views), is focused on construction and has a lot of great guides about building houses, gardens, economy, law and environment tips and more. Focusing on a niche he’s passionate about, Jakob (a man behind Byggebloggen.dk) got a great following and many readers this way, and it is just one of many successful examples.

Sidenote: maybe it is a good idea to focus on niches that are not as covered or overly covered (e.g. mamma-blogs, paleo diet, fashion or gadget blogs). If you do choose a niche with a lot of competitors, try to have unique approach and create extra value.


#2 Tech is your friend

I’m not a coder (sometimes I wish I was!), but I love how technology enables a lot of great things and positive changes… A few lines of code can literally change lives for many people!

If you’re a new blogger, chances are, you’re not a web developer either.

However, there are many tools that can help your content reach more readers in a more meaningful and easier ways – usually for free and without any IT knowledge necessary.

Your blog should definitely be mobile friendly, and you should also think about SEO and things like how fast your pages load, site structure etc. There are many great WordPress plugins and free themes that will do the work.

Besides, tools like Google Analytics or heat maps can help you learn more about how people interact with your blog without having to be a computer genius.


#2 Think more than “just just” and “one channel”

In a way, your blog should not consist of “only” text and a picture here and there.

With fast internet and fast mobile devices and computers being something that goes without saying for most of us, you should provide users with videos and multimedia.

This is more fun and engaging as well!

You can also think about content repurposing – turning blog posts into Facebook notes – Facebook notes into short video guides – Points from video guides into useful tweets or as a matter of fact any other type or form of content that you find purposeful.

Maybe your readers consume video on Facebook rather than YouTube? You are a blogger, but this doesn’t mean you are not allowed to have videos or podcast etc.

As a matter of fact, 2017 is definitely a year you should start thinking outside the box as much as possible, experiment and have fun. Good luck!


Milos Belcevic
Milos is the COO at Opinodo, with a background in project management, biz dev, marketing, communications and journalism. He worked as a freelancer on various projects for clients from more than 15 countries before joining Opinodo to take part in shaping it. He has passion for literature, touch for storytelling and heart for startups.
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