4 reasons a newsletter is a huge opportunity for bloggers

In the world of various social networks and other ways to share, communicate and experience that are enabled by new technologies, many of us simply tend to think Who reads email in 2017.

For many businesses a Snapchat campaign or a VR experience sounds way more hip and interesting than a newsletter campaign when it comes to their marketing efforts. And of course, it is a great idea to try out new thing and ride the waves of changes – but, and it’s a big but, we shouldn’t neglect good old email either. Quite the opposite. There’s a reason why Editor-in-Chief at Contently, world’s leading content marketing platform with clients like Google, Facebook, Walmart or IBM, published a whole piece on “Why the newsletter is the most important part of content marketing”…

Many would say that newsletter still is the most effective audience-building tool for publishers, and every expert would agree that email is really important. For people who’d say that email is dead or that it got eaten by social media, there’s a joke between marketers: “Well what did you use to sign up for that social media your talking about?”



I know that it is hard to build up your email list and go from 0 to 50, from 50 to 100 and from 100 to 500… And I know that it might seem slow and hard and time-consuming, but that doesn’t make it less important or less rewarding. That’s why I wanted to share these 4 reasons why newsletter is important to keep you motivated or inspire you to try it out. Don’t forget – it’s more of an ultra marathon than sprinting.

#1 Newsletter gives a huge traffic boost



When people subscribed to your newsletter, it’s a good sign. As we are so bombarded by all the information and tens or even hundreds of notifications on a daily basis, the fact that someone cared enough to let you in and give you precious space and time in their day is a good sign.

If you are creative and write good content on your blog, in a combination with well-written and catchy email subjects, a newsletter will be a great channel to boost your traffic. The best part is that it can create a snowball effect when the readers that came via email share your content so it reaches even more readers that again can share it to even more readers… you get the picture.


#2 Newsletter is a great way to increase monetization



A good email list is a valuable asset. When you have a niche blog, a good email list is a great argument when negotiating an advertising deal. Our publisher Jakob behind Byggebloggen who almost tripled his RPM with Opinodo writes a nice DIY blog for building and renovation. Imagine Jakob trying to get a deal from a tool shop in Denmark. Now how the shop owner gets extra interested when he hears Jakob has a subscriber list over 10 000 readers interested in DIY renovation and building! Numbers are made up, but it’s almost the best argument in those situations, right?


Newsletter gives you a lot of conversions and they are a really powerful tool. Besides, when it comes to monetizing your blog, traffic is important (e.g. when you’re monetizing it through Google Ads) – and newsletter is a perfect way to boost your traffic (read #1).


#3 Your email list might be the only channel you actually own



When you have a good email list, it’s a perfect way to reach your readers. Imagine if you suddenly disappeared from Google search results or if your Facebook page was deleted. You could reach your readers and still have a lot of traffic thanks to your email list, which is a resource nobody can simply pull the plug on.


#4 Sending out a newsletter is a way to build meaningful and close relationships



When you’re in someone’s inbox, it’s a pretty direct, personal way of communicating 1 on 1. Of course, you might be sending your newsletter to 100 000 people for all I know, but it’s still experienced as a direct and personal way to talk to each and every reader “separately”. A good email is so much more personal way of reaching out than a single status update in the sea of other updates in someones newsfeed. But remember that you have to personalize the experience as much as possible.

It’s a good idea to choose an actual person to stand behind an email, for instance our CEO Niels at Opinodo or Liam behind the Globetrotter blog. It’s important that the text is not generic and that it is relevant to your reader (e.g. do not send out a review of face shaving creme to your female readers interested in). Basically, you use your common sense and don’t spam, keep it personalized and think of value for the reader first and everything else second.


Don’t hesitate to start working on your email list!


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Steps can seem hard or you may feel that you’re not getting where you should, but be consistent and remember that this is a long-term value and a game of being patient and keeping up the good work email after email… The earlier you start going, the earlier you’ll arrive to where you want to be.

P.S. Check out these 10 proven ways to boost your email lead generation if you’d like some new ideas on how to boost the whole thing and gather more emails faster.

Milos Belcevic
Milos is the COO at Opinodo, with a background in project management, biz dev, marketing, communications and journalism. He worked as a freelancer on various projects for clients from more than 15 countries before joining Opinodo to take part in shaping it. He has passion for literature, touch for storytelling and heart for startups.
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