In any online business, lead generation is one of the basic terms that one has to know. Why? Well, you probably want to earn, and this users mean income in every online business. So, we’ve decided to give you an introduction, and explain what lead generation is and what kinds there are. Besides that, we are also going to give you some basic tips on how to start generating leads, or how to increase the lead generation activity.

So, what is lead generation?

In order to understand this, you need to understand what “leads” are. A lead is every individual who is interested in your offer – so leads are your potential customers. The term “lead” is a confusing concept – not every contact in your email list has to be a lead. Every business should have a criteria about the moment when a person becomes a lead.

Lead generation is a process from getting the attention of visitors to the point of attracting them to buy your product/service. Remember, generating leads is of crucial importance for your business, because that’s the way that you can earn on no matter what your business is.

The two most common strategies for generating leads

There are two basic lead generation strategies: outbound and inbound. As far as I know, the difference is explained in the simplest way by Justyna Polaczyk from, who wrote – “outbound is about finding customers and inbound is about being found”.

Both of these strategies have their own tactics:


  • Outbound lead gen tactics- creating quality ads, cold calling/emailing, using Pay Per Click methods;
  • Inbound lead gen tactics – quality content marketing, using keywords and SEO, using Social Networks…



As you can see, inbound strategy is about creating quality content so you can be easily found by people who’ve never heard of you. On the other hand, outbound tactics are little more invasive, but can be just as effective. Naturally, it doesn’t mean that you should choose one and neglect the other. Every business uses both of these, just some more and some less frequently. That’s on the business management team to decide.


This time, we’re going to focus on inbound tactics and give you some interesting and useful tips that you can implement in almost any business.

5 creative tips for lead generation

#1 Create “help” videos

People will link up with you more gladly if they get something valuable from you. Once visitors find your video helpful, they will probably come back and search for more. At the end, they will remember your website and, if you really solve their problem, be willing to buy something from you.

#2 Create useful text

Useful and relevant texts are of the utmost importance. The text should be fairly long and informative, so be prepared – you will need time, effort and knowledge in order to write them, and you need some SEO skills. If you’re not sure what that is, make sure to google it and get some tips on how to write SEO friendly texts. You can even buy an internet course. Trust us, if you get the handle on the SEO keywords, your traffic will grow rapidly.

#3 Create a small giveaway

Whenever an entrepreneur beginner reads the word “giveaway” they think about costs. But in reality, giveaways will bring you something very valuable – they will give you leads. You can later use those leads to create a sustainable, growing business, and you will have paid it with a simple giveaway. What do you think – is the investment worth it?

Of course!

One thing that’s important here is that you don’t offer some irrelevant giveaway. You have a targeted audience, who need something. Give them that something relevant to your niche and your business that they need. If you offer junk as a giveaway, you will get just that – junk leads.

#4 Offer a handy email course

This is a bit more complicated one. You’ll need to dedicate time and patience, as well as knowledge to create this. But, if you create an email course that’s really valuable and quality, there is no telling how much this could elevate your business and put you on the map in your niche.

#5 Create an online quiz

This strategy is a win-win. It’s different because it can spread really quickly, reaching a huge number of people, thus increasing the number of leads. This doesn’t mean that you should make a quiz for the masses. Stick to your targeted audience, because you will otherwise collect junk leads, that you will only waste time and money in the future. Another reason for this is that a quizz can also give you more information about your leads. So, think in the long run, don’t do just one-timers.