Every good entrepreneur knows that the key to success is to never stop learning and to always stay informed. Articles, videos, news, mouth-to-mouth, all of these are a source of knowledge that one should never disregard, if he/she wants to be successful. Sooner or later, every piece of information gathered is going to be useful and every piece of information not learned is going to be missed. That’s why every good entrepreneur should arm himself/herself with as much knowledge he/she can bear. Therefore, we give you, 5 useful books about e-commerce:

#1 The Complete E-commerce Book – Janice Raynolds

If there’s a book to start with, this is the one – the title says it all. This book can be a guide for establishing an e-commerce store from beginning: from choosing and setting up a software and hosting service to maintaining your business and keeping customers satisfied for a long time.

This book has many advantages – every part of the book has instructions and practical part, which is really useful. Also, it will be interesting and applicable to your business, whether you’re a beginner or a professional. Besides this one, Janice Raynolds wrote other useful books. She is an e-commerce consultant and writer. Follow her.

#2 The Startup Owner’s Manual – Steve Blank & Bob Dorf

This book is an amazing guide for all of you who’re starting an e-commerce business. Both of the authors are Customers Development experts and they are sharing their knowledge with you through this book.

With over 600 pages, you’ll learn everything you need to know about startups step by step, with interesting charts and diagrams. Also, the book will teach you about the mistakes you should avoid and how to achieve and maintain profits.

#3 Don’t Make Me Think – Steve Krug

This one is basically a handbook, but still extremely interesting and valuable. It’s about websites, designs and navigation. As the title says, when I visit your site, I don’t want to think at all – so the book is helping you to create a mind-blowing website. Literally every single website owner in the world should read this book.

Big advantage of this book is that it’s very easy to read and understandable- even if you’re dealing with web design for the first time, you’ll figure it out because of this book. Don’t Make Me Think will make you think, and you’ll understand why people leave websites, because you’ll think as a consumer, not as a creator.

#4 Convert! – Bejamin Hunt

The book Convert!: Designing Web Sites to Increase Traffic and Conversion is a life-saver for every e-commerce owner. The book has two different chapters – designing for traffic and designing for conversion. In the first one you will learn everything  you should know about creating a successful website. The second chapter is about your interaction with visitors, in order to make them love your online business. Besides this, you will also learn about CEO, web design, how to create a selling website, how to approach the consumers and similar.

#5 Lead With a Story – Paul Smith

If you’re familiar with many successful businesses, you know how important storytelling is for them. A good story could sell almost anything, so if you have one, maybe you should think about sharing it. It could be crucial for improving your business – and this book can help.

No matter what you want to achieve with a good story, it can be done, and Lead With a Story will prove it. The book also has “how-to” parts, where you will discover, for example, how to appeal to emotions or use metaphors wisely. Long story short, if you need help with storytelling and creating quality contents, this book will be something you’ll enjoy reading.