One might think that, being all different human beings, we would behave differently online as well. But, as in real life, so is on internet. There are some predictable patterns in readers’ behavior and actions, and it would do you marvels to know them. Your skills will improve and your copies will be more quality than before. Here are 5 website visitor’s habits you should know about:

#1 They lose interest quickly

After a couple of boring sentences, they will leave your page and search for article that is similar but more interesting. You want to avoid that, so while writing the text, you should consider being interesting enough. Also, your text might not be boring, only incomprehensible – they won’t read it. That’s why you should always write an understandable copy. There’s a simple test – after you finish writing, ask any person without knowledge in that field to read the text. If the person understands it perfectly, you did your job.

#2 Well organised texts will make them stay

Readers enjoy in organized articles, with logical line spacings and new paragraphs. Imagine if you write an amazing article without any new paragraphs. By the time you’ve read half of it, you would get a headache. Naturally, your readers will not wait to get the headache. They would see the text, screen it, and leave your website, possibly never returning again.

I believe you would like to avoid that. In that case, you might want to take the time to re-read your text and make additional adjustments regarding visual experience. This means you should create shorter logical paragraphs. If there’s any listing in your text, you should numbering it (it’s easier to read). You can bold some things in the text. Try things out.

#3 They will usually read your text on a mobile device

You don’t need to be an expert in order to know this. We’re all doing this – while going to work, while drinking coffee, eating breakfast, resting… That’s why you should always have this fact on your mind. Try to write a little bit shorter texts, because they appear even longer on a mobile device. Also, your website should be mobile friendly – you know how irritating it can be when the website isn’t mobile friendly, and you want to read something.

Also, while reading from a mobile device, people aren’t very devoted – they usually don’t read the text carefully. Instead they read only headlines and parts of the text written in CAPITAL LETTERS, bold or italic.

#4 They love videos and pictures

The first thing your readers will notice in an article are interesting pictures or videos. It’s because images are memorable and they expect videos to be more interesting than the written parts. Try to add images in every text – of course, images should correspond to the text content. Try infographics out – information and pictures are ALWAYS a good combination.

Whenever you have a possibility to make a video, do it. Don’t doubt in yourself, because creating and editing a video is an easy job, which you’ll learn in no time.

#5 They are comfortable with a logical order

This means that visitors love reading things in a logical, chronological or any other order. Other forms of the text might be confusing and irritating for them, so they won’t read it. For example, if you’re presenting them a new concept, you should start with historical facts. After that, explain the concept and write about its elements. That way, the readers will understand it better – continuity is really helpful, so try to stick to it.