Most of the people think that being a blogger is an easy job – we know that that’s not the case. It can be complicated to write quality texts and to inform readers in the right way. That’s why even bloggers need to learn – being a copywriter requires knowledge in a certain field, good writing skills, vocabulary and lots of other tricks. We’re bringing you 5 useful learning resources for every blogger (and all of them are online):

#1 Grammar girl

First of all – grammar. It’s not necessary to explain why grammar is extremely important, especially when you’re writing online contents. Grammar girl will be very helpful when you have some kind of linguistic issues, questions, doubts and similar. You can visit the website or you can watch videos on Grammar Girl YouTube channel. With a lot of tips and video guides, you’ll definitely find everything you want to know.

#2 101 Copywriting Dos & Don’ts

This might be a basic guide on what to do and what to avoid while writing online contents. It might seem too long for you to read it, but it’ll be worth it. Try to apply all of the good tips you find interesting. Also, read carefully the “don’ts” part – you might be making a big mistake while writing and not being aware of it. When you decide to read it, open the link and prepare for a long but very informative text.

#3 The definitive guide to copywriting

Believe it or not, the title is correct – this is a definitive guide, since it has more than 30 000 words about copywriting. When you visit the site, it will offer you different chapters, so you can read what interests you at the moment. You can learn different tips on how to improve your work – some of them are about persuasion tricks, good headlines and other copywriting secrets.

#4 Introducing the fabulous 6 + 1 model for effective copywriting (Better than AIDA!)

Do you know about well-known marketing model, AIDA? It stands for Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action, and it is also used in copywriting. Well, the text author claims that this 6 + 1 model is even better than AIDA. If you want to learn new copywriting model, read the text (and take notes!).

#5 How people read online (Infographic)

This text is a short study and it can be really useful – you’ll read facts about eye-movements and how to make people read your text and stay longer on your blog post. Plus, it’s infographic, so you can save it and analyze when you have time.