Every publisher knows about common ways for monetizing their business, like Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, selling ad space or similar. We should never neglect the value of these ways, but lots of online business owners would like to know other ways for monetizing their work. Here are 5 different ways to earn from your website:

#1 Free + premium content

It’s usually good for your business that the most of your site content is free, but you can always create extra content and extra quality for ones who are willing to pay. Of course, you need to be a part of a niche you’re familiar with, so you can really offer something premium and valuable.

If you choose to run this kind of a strategy, you might want to make sure that you have common readers and good traffic. You have to interact with your site’s visitors as well, so you can find out what they want to know – it’s all up to them. They will buy that premium content, so you need to know what they like.

#2 Find small freelance jobs

You have a skill and you’re promoting it on your website? Adding “Hire me” button or page to your site is a good idea if you have time for freelance jobs. Let’s say that you’re a HTML expert and you’re available for some online jobs. Make it clear to everybody who is visiting your site, and promote yourself. If you have some loyal followers, they will recommend you to someone they know.

Even if you’re not a HTML expert, you certainly have a skill or knowledge useful for others. Never underestimate your knowledge – feel free to add a page where you’ll list all of the jobs you did.

#3 Consult others

Consulting services might be really helpful for others, but only if you have something valuable to offer. A lot of online businesses often need consulting about certain questions, because it’s not their field of expertise. Popular skills for consulting are often CEO, law, web design and others. This could be an excellent way to help others, earn money and gain new experience.

#4 Use Infolinks

The difference between selling ad space and using Infolinks is in the type of ads – Infolinks are in-text ads. If you own a good blog and if you’re a good writer, this could be one of your greatest assets. Many companies/websites will gladly pay an agreeable amount of money to get you to insert their Infolink in one of your texts.

The reason why they aren’t so popular like Google AdSense is because you’ll earn less money with Infolinks than with AdSense. This is why many publishers don’t bother with them, but there is really no reason to avoid them. You can use them along with AdSense, and increase your earnings. Don’t be lazy, do it.

#5 Opinodo

Opinodo is relatively new way for monetizing your web traffic, and it’s pretty very simple and multifunctional. (contact us, we’ll explain in 2 minutes). We are, simply said, a middleman between publisher (which is you) and market research agencies – your only job is to recruit people, or let them recruit themselves and we’ll do the rest. Recruited people will fill out surveys, and as they do that, you’ll earn money, they’ll earn and we will, too.

If you’d like to earn like this, you can read more about us here, and feel free to contact us for any additional questions. 🙂