Every blogger makes mistakes sometimes, usually unaware that he/she has made one. That’s why I wanted to make a list of 7 most common mistakes that even the most popular bloggers sometimes make. Try not to make the same ones.

#1 It’s not about you, it’s about the readers

We know, you’re the star, people love your blog, it’s useful and interesting… But, think about it, without the readers, you’d be better off making a diary. So take care of them. When you write posts, think about what would THEY want to read or see. Avoid being pretentious, you’ll lose admirers and fans (and we don’t want that to happen).

#2 You forget to reply to blog comments

This mistake is similar to #1, because it means you’re ignoring your audience. By constantly reading and replying comments on your blog posts, your readers will see that you care about their opinion and questions. And this is something really important, because creating a bond with them is something priceless for your business.

#3 Autoplay music? No, please!

It might seem cool to you, but it’s not… at all. Trust me. There’s nothing more irritating than those five seconds it takes to find the source of the sudden music in order to turn it off. Most of the users will not wait to turn it off, they will just click on the little red x button… and never come back.

You should also know that the music is loading first. This means that your page will load much more slower than it otherwise would. I think that most of the users won’t find this amusing. Do you?

#4 You just write the post and wait for visitors

If you’re one of those bloggers who think it’s enough to just write and publish blog post, then read this – it’s not enough. Only small percent of popular bloggers can do this and still earn new visitors and readers. You have to actively promote your blog. Only then can you hope to reach enough readers.

#5 You don’t care about the design

Quality and organic posts are undeniably important, and one might say, key parts of your blog or website. That’s ok, I don’t want to argue that. But, if you want to do this job successfully, design is essential. And I have to underline that this doesn’t apply for the main pages, but EVERY INCH of your blog.

Make the design your trademark. Make effort and invest. It will return both in popularity and revenue much more than you expect.

#6 Who needs subscribers?

Subscribers are your constant readers and they are valuable. If you haven’t yet grown an email list, start doing it. Maybe you don’t need it at the moment, but one day you’ll be thankful for all of the subscribers you have. Why? Well, let’s just say that that is one of the measures of how successful and influential you are. Number of subscribers may one day be the difference between you and your competitors.

#7 You don’t make plans

Some bloggers write blog posts whenever they are in the mood. If you have no ambition, that’s ok, but in every other case, it’s a mistake. If you’re serious about your blogging, make plans! Create your own schedule and be consistent and responsible. The plan should include how often you will publish blog posts, how you will prombote your blog, communicate with audience and other important things.