The story of Opinodo

Opinodo started its journey in 2016, but it took some years before we saw its true potential unfold. 

From idea to upstart to scale


Opinodo started as an affiliate marketing project and has stayed true to those roots ever since. To this day we have no salespeople and no product of our own. We are also bootstrapped. We never took any VC capital. For good and bad, these are important facts about how we are and perceive ourselves as free and result-driven. 


Working as a journalist in 2014, Niels Thimmer saw an opportunity in the market. News organizations were – and still are – huge users of surveys and research. Companies want to sponsor surveys because it is a safe way to dictate media coverage. But one problem remained: Getting a significant number of respondents seemed to be a problem for the companies conducting the research. 

After launching a small lead generation website and a paid media campaign, users started coming in. And indeed, there was a demand. 


In 2016 Niels Thimmer teamed up with Niels Klintø. He has a background in international media buying, running a few agencies. The idea was to build a better tech platform enabling us to structure data better. This would give us great opportunities in terms of making bespoke integrations with users of the data, while at the same time keeping every user on an individual level completely anonymous for any third party. Opinodo was born. 

In 2017 we set up our organization in Belgrade in Serbia. The choice was a bit by coincidence. We hired one person there in February, and then we grew our roots in Serbia. Even today, the vast majority of all employees are living and working in Serbia. 


For a few years we were building up our systems, but it was not before the end of 2019 we began to reach scale. The tech and marketing systems we had set in place worked and basically solved a market problem better than the competition can. 


In 2022 we were rapidly expanding our team – and results. 

We crossed +100.000 individual people signing up in a single day on our now expanding portfolio of membership sites. On a normal month, we would be counting signups in millions. Our finance team was processing thousands of payments to our members. 

We increased the focus on creating more value for our users, moving into e-commerce aggregation and online rewards as new verticals. 

In 2022 we got our best financial result so far, and the growth continues.