To be a copywriter, you don’t need any special kind of education – almost everyone can do it, right? This is a common misconception. There are many people today that are copywriters, but only a few percent are doing it well and high-quality. The majority of the ones that aren’t so good, aren’t even aware of it and don’t put an effort into getting better.

Hopefully, your goal is to be a hella good copywriter! So, to help you move forward and start crafting your skills, we’re going to take you through some basics of copywriting. Let’s go!

What’s copywriting?

Creating amazing online content – that’s as simple as possible. The way of writing depends on what you are writing about and who it is meant for. The content is usually very useful, informing and it calls to action. You play with words, phrases and sentences in order to affect positively on people. You create a dialog between you and a fictional reader. It has to be natural, as if you’re talking to a friend.

Copywriting can also include creating ads, writing posts and articles, posting stuff on social media, creating newsletters and emails for customers and other different content creations. It covers various jobs, and that’s why companies often need somebody who will do it.

Where to find a copywriting job?

Luckily, copywriting is something you can do from home. More and more online businesses search for copywriters – no matter where you’re from, you can find a copywriting job (even in your country). Also, if you speak English fluently, it’s a very helpful fact, because you can find a job even easier.

Visit websites like or in order to find job offers you might like. Also, you can search Google for more specific details, for example if you want to find a job in specific country or language. The most important thing is that copywriting jobs aren’t extremely hard to find.

Is there any difference between copywriting jobs?

As mentioned, the range and difficulty of a copywriting job is always up to your employer. But, there’s something most of the people do not know – there are differences between copywriting types, and not every copywriting job is home based. Usually, freelance copywriting jobs are home based and very flexible. But, you can also work as a copywriter in an agency or company:

  • Agency work is really serious because you’ll have big number of clients and they need the work done and without mistakes. So, this kind of copywriting is strict and you should be an expert in order to do it. It might not be the best option if you’re beginner, but it’s good to know that it exists.
  • Working as a copywriter in a company is also a very demanding job, but maybe a bit easier than the first one. Your job is to write and create any content that needs to be done in one company.
  • Freelance copywriters are the most common type, because of the advantages – it can be done from home, you can organize your own time, it’s not too responsible and difficult. So, beginners usually want to work as freelancers, because it’s appropriate and suitable for them.

If this seems interesting, you might want to start as a freelancer and later on, as you go forward and prosper, you can search more serious, full-time and office based job.

Where can you learn something about copywriting?

Everything you’ve read about copywriting so far is a part of your learning process. Online you can find big number of articles, blogs, ebooks and courses on copywriting, which might be really helpful for you.

There are some really mind-blowing blogs where you can read amazingly useful information. Some of them are:

  • Men with Pens – If you want to read and learn really good things about copywriting and creating great content, visit this site’s blog and be extremely amazed;
  • The definitive Guide to Copywriting – The title says it all, with ten chapters and loads of information, it is the definitive guide. This guide will take you time to read, but after you start, you’ll realise that you need to take notes. And, you’ll thank God and the authors (Neil Patel and Joe Putnam);
  • AWAI – American Writers and Artists Inc. might offer you everything you need to know. On their site you can read about different kinds of writing, how to become a freelancer, you can find trainings, courses and similar. It’s really useful if you want to be a serious and professional copywriter.