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10 amazing tools for bloggers

Blogging isn’t just writing and publishing, although it might seem like that. As a blogger, you need to know much more than just creating a blog post. A good blogger has an extremely wide knowledge of different areas, depending on what he/she does, and is above all...

5 must-read books about e-commerce

Every good entrepreneur knows that the key to success is to never stop learning and to always stay informed. Articles, videos, news, mouth-to-mouth, all of these are a source of knowledge that one should never disregard, if he/she wants to be successful. Sooner or...

7 common mistakes many bloggers make

Every blogger makes mistakes sometimes, usually unaware that he/she has made one. That’s why I wanted to make a list of 7 most common mistakes that even the most popular bloggers sometimes make. Try not to make the same ones. #1 It’s not about you, it’s about the...

4 reasons to start an online business

It’s always the right time to start an online business, and it’s completely normal to have millions of questions you don’t know the answer to. What you should know at the beginning is that every business is different and we can’t write you some universal rules,...

How to create a great “About me” page

Your first thought might be that creating a good “About me” page is an easy work. You just write what you’ve done in your life, right? No! The reason is simple. An “About me” page is something like your website’s biography. So, if it’s boring or dull, your visitors...

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