Build up your email list using these 3 Twitter tips

We all know how important email lists are for online business, so different ways for building email list are priceless. Every Social Media is helpful, but we’re going to analyze Twitter now. Statistics from January 2017 shows that there’s 317 million monthly active Twitter users. It’s definitely a powerful tool. Here are 3 tips for building email list using Twitter.

#1 Add Link in Twitter description

This is something with what you should start – adding a link to your Twitter description. Below the information you wrote in the description, almost every social media offers you to add a link to your website (and you’ve probably add it already). But, if you want to generate leads, you can add a signup form link instead of website link.

This way, one of the first things people see on your Twitter profile will be signup form. Your response rate will grow because the link is clearly visible .

#2 Use Twitter lead gen cards

Twitter lead generation cards are tweets where people can simply sign in to your newsletter. We say simply because they just need to click the link in your tweet and won’t need to type information (their Twitter information will be used). So, all they need to do is click! And you need to own a Twitter Business profile in order to use Twitter lead gen cards. You’ll find it in Settings and in short time you’ll create your own ad.

Since this is just a tweet, try to make it the most interesting in order to attract big number of people. If the tweet is plain and not motivating, people will most likely just ignore it. One more tip – after you create Twitter lead gen card, pin it to top of your profile, so every time somebody visits your profile can see it.

#3 Create your own Twitter chat

Are you wondering what Twitter chat is? I read somewhere that “Twitter chats are business networking events, minus the dress code” and I think that it’s the best description of it. If you decided to host a Twitter chat, determine the time and define a topic of it. When creating Twitter chat, you also need to create a specific hashtag for everyone who wants to participate in the chat.

It is based on Q&A’s and it’s a great way to grow your email list. At first create a connection between you and chat participants, share thoughts, communicate and then you can mention your sign up form. Try something like “Hey everybody, if you liked the chat, you could sign up to our newsletter – we promise interesting and useful tips about the same topic! :)” and add a link after that. It’s not pushy and if participants liked the chat, they will definitely sign up to your newsletter.

Katarina Jerinic
Katarina likes to write useful and interesting stories for Opinodo and our brands. She’s a journalist by vocation and deeply interested in marketing and public relations, studying MSc in Marketing and PR. On Opinodo blog, she shares different insights, tips and tricks for website monetization through our platform.