Opinodo celebrates 3 years of successfully running its global exchange for market research leads

When we started the journey of Opinodo we had the goal of creating a transparent exchange where companies with a high demand for users could meet companies with an excess of users.

Today with tens of thousands of users entering the platform monthly we have seen that there is a demand for the Opinodo platform and that on a global scale.

Entrepreneur’s journey

As entrepreneurs, Niels and Niels, the founders, have individually created a series of companies such as Agilio (agency), Teamcubate (IT and Finance outsourcing), Christiania Bryghus (brewery), and Intent Agency (paid ads agency). Always with an international outreach – employing collectively almost 80 persons across multiple countries.

Building Opinodo to the exchange it is today would not have been possible without first the initial developers in Lithuania that made the very first version, and of course, the current team in Belgrade that has pushed the product from 2017 to where we are today.

Next steps

With the coronavirus crisis, there’s a real need for knowing more about the future for companies and organizations. So, therefore, Opinodo has a real option to deliver timely users to answer the critical questions. We are looking forward to doing our part in providing in-depth knowledge that will make companies adapt and adjust to the new reality.