Your first thought might be that creating a good “About me” page is an easy work. You just write what you’ve done in your life, right? No! The reason is simple. An “About me” page is something like your website’s biography. So, if it’s boring or dull, your visitors will create the same image of you and the rest of your website. Your goal with this page is to make your readers like you and want to see more from you. Here are some tips on how to create a great “About me” page:

#1 Share your story

We all have stories worth telling. Write about your career – explain how and why you decided what you want to do for a living. The text should be written honestly, personally and informally – the point is to get the attention of your visitors. Many people take this as their spotlight and start writing only about their achievements and credentials and about how great they are. It’s good to mention that, but don’t overdo it. Take your user’s perspective and ask yourself what kind of story you would like to read.

Tread cautiously here, because if your text is too casual, you won’t be taken seriously. It should be fun and not so formal, but add some facts – it will make you look like an interesting and successful person at the same time.

#2 Let your readers see you

Literally, let them see you. By this, we mean that you should add your picture (or several pictures). When your readers can see you, they feel more connected with you. They feel that you are a real person, not just a virtual character. Note that your picture should be professional, but not too serious. Smile on your pictures, that’s approachable.

#3 Share your passion

You want to make your readers come back to your site. If you share your passion with them, it can be inspiring. You have the opportunity to impress with your goals and visions. They want to know what you believe in, what inspires you and makes you positive about your business. I believe that this is the most important one, because you have the opportunity to be unique.

There are people who look like you, there are people who have similar credentials and who’ve achieved similar things. But, the passion is something that can be rare and one of a kind. Use it.

#4 Think about your readers

I am repeating myself here, because I want to stress how important it is. It’s a mindset, and you have to work on it as well. When beginning, always ask yourself: “What would I like to read?” And when you’ve already written the text, think about whether you yourself would like to read what you’ve written.

Think about what kind of people will read your “About me” page. Based on that, you’ll know what’s important to them and what you should and shouldn’t mention in your text. If your blog is scientific, for example, your users will probably be either scientists, academics or other people interested in science. You should then think about focusing on your credentials and achievements.

On the other hand, if your readers are mostly young people of different levels of education, feel free to make jokes and give lots of interesting and fun examples. Either way, if you do it well, you’ll definitely create a connection between you and your visitors.