With the need to improve the experience of answering surveys online, Digiopinion came to life. Digiopinion connects consumers with exciting and relevant surveys and gives real cash rewards in exchange for their completion.

At the present time, Digiopinion helps consumers from more than 80 countries in building better products that are guided by user feedback.

Better business strategy

Market research is a critical tool for helping businesses understand consumers – what they want and how they like particular products and/or services. The accurate market assessment that market research provides should be a component of every business plan.

The kind of information that is gathered through surveys on the Digiopinion website can help with maximizing the business potential and creating a roadmap for future growth. Through surveys, companies get the chance to spread the word about their existing products and promote new ones.

Consumer empowerment

Thanks to the digital era, ordinary people now have a say in what they want from companies and companies align themselves with consumers’ needs. Online surveys are only some of the ways consumers can express their opinion and make an impact on future products.

Digiopinion is only one of the brands that support consumer empowerment. Based on how they fill out their profiles, Digiopinion users are matched with surveys that are most relevant to them. For each survey users complete, they get rewarded with real cash or gift cards.

Free lifetime membership

When designing Digiopinion, we made sure that users can navigate easily from any part of the website to the registration form. The registration process is rather simple. It requires new users to enter some basic information, such as their email, birth date, postal code, and gender.

After the registration, new users have the option to fill out their profile with even more information. New users are advised to fill out their profiles as much as possible as this will help them get more surveys. But, it is up to them whether they will fill it out or not.

The thing worth pointing out is that membership on Digiopinion is free for all users, no matter where they are located. Currently, Digiopinion can be accessed from more than 80 countries and the goal is to expand even more.