Passive income is something you get to hear a lot if you’re a blogger and it might be confusing. One thing you should know, though, before reading the rest of the text: passive income doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to do nothing and earn.

What is passive income, then?

If you think passive income is something that falls from the sky, you’re probably not going to be earning any of it. Passive income is rather a byproduct of active work that produces successful results. So, in reality, you have to have an amazing product or work your ass off to receive passive income.

Not only that, but you have plan out how you’re going to receive passive income long down the road. Remember, most of the passive income isn’t going to happen by itself.

And the question that naturally pops up here is:

How do I generate passive income?

Unfortunately, there isn’t one guide, and you can create as many passive income sources as you can think of. But, it all depends on what your business is about. We have prepared some ideas, which you can use if you own a blog:

#1 Create an eBook

No matter what you do and what your blog is about, you can create any eBook related to your blog’s niche. This is something between active and passive income. Active, because you’re going to work on promotion and marketing, and invest time, money and effort to sell the book. But years later, you will have long moved to another projects, but this book might still bring you revenue. That’s when it becomes a passive income.

Writing a book is, of course, easier said than done, but if you have a good blog, and some loyal followers, it might pay off big time to invest in it.

#2 Affiliate marketing

This is a well known way for earning from your blog, but you can be creative and do something different with affiliate links. For example, you might create free email guide on how to eat healthy – your subscribers will receive tips and advices about healthy food, exercises and similar. In each mail you could insert a few affiliate links, and that’s it. Non invasive way for earning from affiliate marketing.

#3 Opinodo

Opinodo is an innovative and simple way for monetizing your blog. We connect with you and with market research companies. Your part of the work is to recruit people (you can also do this passively), we’ll do the rest. The result – you will earn passive income for a long time. This is a different and unusual way of monetizing your traffic – but, because of that reason, it is a valuable source of passive income.

#4 Create an eCourse

It’s similar as creating an eBook. You’ll have to put some effort while creating it, and later on you’ll be able to do other things and still earn on this one. Because of that, the goal is to create an eCourse about something that’s going to be useful and interesting years from now. Don’t think about the “buzz” topics and projects. Think bigger and long-term.

Have in mind that these are just some options. If this isn’t something you can do or have use for, search Google for your own niche. You will surely find something that you can use. And remember, this is the result of a lot of previous work. So, think about that first. Passive income will follow.