You made a plan about your new online business, and you’re almost ready to start. You’re stuck on one thing and you just can’t wrap your head around it. Which name will be the best for your business?
If this sounds familiar, don’t worry – this is a common dilemma.  That name will represent your entire business, and if you’re successful, it will become a brand. So, naturally, it has to be a worthy name.

Let us help you with some advice:

#1 Connect the business name with your niche

This is a logical tip, but it’s difficult sometimes. One thing that can help here is a simple exercise, and you can ask random people you don’t know, or at least not well enough, to help you. When they hear the name, can they guess what business it’s about? If the name isn’t obvious, but they can still guess it, that’s the ideal line you should walk on.

#2 Create a catchy name

The common thing about the popular brands, is that they all have somewhat catchy names. How to be catchy? By thinking about your targeted group. Appeal to emotions, and try to imagine what will make them take action or create an emotional reaction, enough to remember the name. If they remember the name, it’s only a matter of time when they will convert into your clients.

#3 Make it short and simple

It might seem impossible sometimes – make it catchy and cool, but still short and simple. If the name has more than three words in it, it’s a no-go. Even three is pushing it, and it better be damn good to make up for the length. But, do your best to shorten it.

Use simple words as well. You can coin something as well, but it has to be recognizable to the masses. Not all of the users are experts – avoid using professional words.

#4 Try with Business Name Generators

If you’re trying hard but still without any success, you might want to try business name generators. Some people avoid these websites, but you might find them helpful. Good thing about these generators is that they usually show you existing business names online similar to your keywords. There are free name generators available, and some of them are Business Name Generator (here’s the link to the website) or Rymer (this website will help you with rhyming words, if you want to create fun and memorable name).

#5 It has to be one-of-the-kind

Hopefully, you’ve created couple of ideas for your business’s name. Now, you should check if any of them are already taken. Your name has to be unique for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, if a certain company has copyrights on the name, it’s illegal to copy the name or even a part of a name. But, this is also for your own good. You should always try to differentiate yourself from the rest of the competition. A name is a good way to do that. Make it count!

#6 Help from your friends

We’re almost done: the ideas are here, you’ve eliminated all the bad names, and now it’s the decision time. Don’t do it alone – ask your colleagues, family or friends for help. Brief with them and talk about the name and other ideas. Ask them about all of the above mentioned components (is the name memorable, catchy, interesting etc). Feedback is always extremely welcome. Use every bit of it, and never let your ego cloud your judgement. Two heads are always better than one.


Unfortunately (or luckily?), this is all individual and relative. Some people find this process really simple and choose a business name in an hour or less. Others need more time. But don’t let it take you too long. I believe that everyone who’s given a name to their company, at one point comes up with a better name. That’s normal and no tragedy by any means. If your branding strategy doesn’t succeed, you can and should change it. Be as flexible as possible for everything.