Sometimes, motivating people to sign up to your newsletter can be hard, right? In those moments you’re probably feeling helpless and thinking: “What am I doing wrong?”. The answer may be easier than you think – offer incentives to your readers! People love when they do something online and gain value at the same time. Here are 3 proven ways to expand your email list by offering incentives:

#1 Offer a free e-book

People will be motivated to do something if it has value for them – by offering a free e-book you’re offering value. It needs to be something similar to your blog’s niche, because your readers are more likely to be interested in it. Another important thing is to make it visible – whenever somebody visits your blog, the link needs to be seen.

The goal is to create quality CTA, but since what you’re offering is valuable, it won’t be difficult. Actually, the hardest part is to create the e-book, everything else is pretty much simple.

#2 Discounts

This one is perfect if you’re running an e-commerce business, because everybody loves discounts. How many times have your visitors left your website with no purchase (but with items in the cart)? Discounts might motivate them to do the opposite.

It’s important to create the discount wisely – don’t offer discount bigger than 10%. Also, it would be the best to create a simple pop-up, where you’ll inform your visitors that if they sign up they’ll get a 5-10% discount. It’s motivating enough, and you’ll surely expand your email list.

#3 Opinodo

When we say value, it’s usually something free or some kind of discount. But, how about money as a value? If you link up with Opinodo, you’ll offer money to your readers! It’s an innovative way and it lets you recruit people from your email list and new visitors, for market researches. Your job is only to recruit them, and when they fill out questionnaires, you’ll earn and they’ll earn.
It has more than one benefit: you can earn and you can grow your email list (because every new subscriber is a new contact in your email list). And it’s motivating for your visitors because it’s an simple way for them to earn. You just need to register and recruit your visitors, leave the rest up to us! 🙂