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This FAQ is a main resource for publishers on Opinodo. Here you will get answers on different topics ranging from recruitment to payment, and everything in between. If you have any questions or ideas to things we should add to this FAQ, you are always free to reach out to

Setup and recruitment

How do I set up a panel?

After having successfully signed up as a publisher, you need to set up panels from the sites / web properties you wish to recruit from.


1) Log into your Publisher Account and go to “Panels”. Setup a panel by clicking the button “Create New Panel”.

2) Select the country where you will market your panel.

3) Write the URL to the site where you will be recruiting from. You are welcome to recruit from other sites. The site URL is just meant for you as a metric so you can see which of your sites delivers the best results.

4) Add content to the Terms of Service if you plan to use the recruited e-mail list on your own site. You should simply write that the panelist allows your site to send emails. It is also a good idea to write what kind of content, the user can expect to get from you.

5) Press “Create Panel” and your panel is ready to go.

Go to the “How to recruit to your panel?” section here in the FAQ to learn about the recruitment process.

How to recruit to your panel?

After having set up your panel (See “How do I set up a panel?), go to the “Panels” tab in your Opinodo dashboard.


Here you will for each of your panels find different tools that will help you with your recruitment.

The unique URL you can use to build any marketing material you want. When a user clicks this URL, a 30 day cookie will be put so you are sure that the panelist will be tracked to your account when he/she signs up.

One of the best ways to recruit is to use our popup script – the option next to the URL. See “How to install the popup script?” section for this solution.

Another great way is by using our API, which gives you insight in your panelists’ activity.

How to install the popup script?

The popup script is a simple, yet powerful, way to recruit panelists from your site’s visitors.


1) Simply go to “Panels” in the Opinodo dashboard and click “Download” under download popup script.

2) Copy the code in a text editor and place it on your site. If you are using WordPress you can simply place it in a widget in the header or footer.

3) Now each of your visitors will get an invitation to join your panel. The number of times the popup show is limited to 1 time pr IP.

What is Opinodo Publisher API?

Opinodo Publisher API is a tool that makes it easy to integrate, and can be used by the Publisher to acquire different usage data of your panelists.


If you wish to inform yourself more or to receive the API documentation, contact Aleksa, our Operation & Partnership Manager at He will enable your API access, and you can start onboarding panelists.

If you need help from the technical side, please contact Stefan, our Team Lead Developer at

How do I get my email list?

It is very easy for you to access your email list when you are logged into Opinodo dashboard.


Simply go to “Panels” and click “Download” in the “Download email list” tab. You will now get the email list in csv-format and you can import it into your email program like Mailchimp.

How do I see my conversion percentage?

The conversion percentage (how many of the clicks you send from your site/email list compared with how many panelist that sign up) is obviously a very important metric.


Go to “Insights” in the Opinodo dashboard. Here you will be able to see signups on a daily level.

By selecting month, week or day you can get your conversion percentage over these time frames.

You can of course select any of your panel properties – or all of them.

When do you update daily results?

We update all data in the dashboards every night.

This means that you will be able to see today’s results tomorrow.

Can I setup a panel on my own site (URL)?

By default, we offer new publishers to recruit to our joint panel, where many different publishers recruit to. Your unique link will track conversions to your account, so there is nothing to be worried about with this solution.

However, there are other reasons where white labeling a panel onto your own site makes sense. This is if you want the survey invitation emails to reflect your brand name (instead of and you want the look and feel to fully reflect your brand.

We are willing to create white label panels on the publishers own brand when certain criterias have been met. At this point, there are some manuel procedures in setting up a white label panel on for instance

If you have successfully recruited 100 active panelists to and show consistant recruitment efforts, we will offer to set you in development pipeline for having your own white label panel.

The white label panel will be set up via’s WordPress plugin for publishers. You will need to point as directory to our servers in your DNS settings. This is pretty straight forward, and we will be happy to help you with this.

Can I buy or sell my panels/panelists?

Currently, no. The panels/panelists are not transferable.

We are working on adding a market place option where you can invest in buying panelists and sell/transfer your panelists to buyers.

We have not yet fully integrated this feature, but if you are interested in buying panelists, you can always reach out to us to get a talk regarding your options.

What is is our default panel for new publishers.


Publishers can, as soon as they have an approved publisher account, recruit to any of the local country versions of

For publishers that refer 100 active panelists or more – and show a steady flow of signups – we offer our White Label solution where our technical team can build a panel on the publishers own domain (URL) like on

I want to build my own popup. Can I do this?

Using your panel unique URL you can build any kind of method to recruit panelists.


If you have a site running on WordPress we can recommend you to use this free WordPress popup plugin.

Do banners work to recruit panelists?

Some years ago, banners were effective marketing tools – also for recruiting panelists. But our experience is that you get quite poor results with this method compared with the costs.

The ROI on spending advertising space on your site (or on other sites) are often quite low compared with alternatives such as selling ads or running programs like Google Adsense on the same spots.

I have an email list I want to recruit to my panel. How do I do that?

Sending a targeted invitation email to your email list is a highly effective way of recruiting a large number of users quickly.

In fact, we really encourage you to do this.

You simply build the content in your email around your unique panel URL and send the users to the landing page on for instance or to your white label panel on your own domain.


How am I paid as a publisher?

One of the beautiful things about getting paid from the complete interviews your panelists are making is that it is easy and automated.

After the end of every month, we produce an invoice for you with the finalized amount payable.

60 days after this, the money is paid out to the bank account you have attached to your account inside your publisher account under “Information” > “Bank info”.

Note that it is your obligation to keep this information up to date for payments to process timely.

What can I expect to earn?

In this blog post we go into depth with this question.

We highly encourage you to read the blog post to fully understand why Opinodo is such a good alternative or add on to advertising or other streams of revenue.

What is the minimum amount payable per month?

The minimum amount payable per month is limited to 60 euro (€).

If you havn’t earned more than 60 € during a month, the earned amount will be transferred to next month until the minimum amount for payment is reached.

How is it calculated what I earn per completed interview?

The amount payable per complete interview depends primarily on 1) the length of the interview and 2) the market price in the country where the survey is conducted.

At Opinodo we update prices every 14th day to reflect market prices.

We always want to keep the payment per complete survey interview as high as possible to make Opinodo compatible compared with the alternatives both in market research and other ways of monetizing online traffic (such as ads or affiliate earnings).

Monthly finalized revenue differs from the earnings in my dashboard. Why?

We have made the Opinodo dashboard to show completes and estimated earnings updated daily (every night Central European Time). This way, you have a solid indication on your results every day: How many signups you get, how many complete interviews your users produce and how much money that equals.

By the end of the month we go through all the activity – meaning the complete interviews. Some interviews are – after a review – discarded as fraudulent (because of various quality reasons like dishonest answers, too speedy answers etc.).

Besides this, the buy/sell price can differ a bit. This is normally very little.

It is for these two reasons that we always point to the finalized monthly revenue statements as what is valid, and that dashboard results are a tool to see where your efforts/campaigns are taking you on a daily basis.

How are payments to publihsers from Opinodo processed?

Opinodo will every month create a self-bill invoice with the earned amount from the month. This will be the final statement for the earnings. This invoice will be made available on the first day of the new month.

Opinodo will automatically pay out the invoiceable amount sixty (60) days after the final statement of the earnings from a month has been made available.

It is the sole responsibility of the Publisher to supply Opinodo with a correct IBAN, Swift and bank name number in the backend of Opinodo in the “Information” tab under Bank info.

NOTE: Opinodo reserves the right to deduct any payment fees for international transfers.

Payments to certain countries outside the EU/US

Opinodo reserves the right to deduct any payment fees for international transfers.

Please, contact to see if some special method of payment can be arranged.

Panels and panelists

What is a panelist?

A panelist is our name for the whole dataset behind a person that answer market research surveys.

This dataset has things such as email, gender, postal code, date of birth and various other data attached.

As a publisher you have access to your panelists from the Opinodo dashboard under the “Panels” tab > “Download emails”.

How are panelists paid?

The payment of panelists is a service that functions 100 % automatically seen from a publishers point of view.

The payment and handling of the incentives (panelist payout) will be done either by Opinodo or an external company.

Panelists can withdraw their earnings with one click to their PalPal account when logged into their account and having earned above the threshold for payment.

Payment is most often a fixed amount – like in Sweden 100 SEK, no more no less per payment.

How can panelists get support?

Opinodo offer as a part of its service the Publisher to give support to Panelists regarding questions over surveys and incentives payment through the relevant Panel email, like or etc.

Some of my panelists are being removed. Why?

Opinodo and our partners reserve the right to remove inactive panelists from having sent emails to them. This will be reflected in you number of active panelists.

This is nothing to be worried about. There are many reasons why people stop using a service. Maybe they have abandoned their email address. Maybe they are just deleting the panel invitations without opening the emails. All this will over time trigger the system to stop contacting these persons.

It is in your interest that your panel is active and responsive – this means that it is attractive to more customers of market research data.

We advice our publisher to expect that 20 % of the value of the panel will disappear during the first year alone.

How to delete a panel?

By default you can not delete a panel from the Opinodo dashboard, after you have created it.

If you for some reason wish to delete a panel – or your entire account – you need to contact our support desk at

Opinodo related questions

Who is behind Opinodo?

You can read all about the management team at Opinodo here at our “meet the team” page.


Opinodo is run by the Danish Limited Liability Company Opinodo ApS, Nørrebrogade 56 D, 2200 Copenhagen N.

You can read about the story behind why we created Opinodo here.

Can I refer publishers to Opinodo and earn affiliate cut?

We are happy that you asked!

At this moment, we don’t have a publisher affiliate programme, but we are working on getting one. We will contact all active publishers when we have our affiliates program ready.

I have a complaint. Who can I contact?

You can of course contact our support desk anytime at or our management team. You can find the contact information here.

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