Having experienced remarkable success with both our content-based websites, as well as our survey websites, we have decided to combine two of the main strategies that we use with our websites, to create one unique brand – GasAnswer. GasAnswer offers our users and visitors a unique chance to earn money for gas and find answers to different gas-related questions.

The strategy that works like a charm

While creating GasAnswer blog, our content team has applied the best of our gap-in-the-market strategy that has a proven record of success. Our content writers always carry out extensive research prior to producing high-quality blog posts. GasAnswer is yet another of our ultra-niche websites where we have had huge success in ranking organically without targetting any particular keywords.

With gas prices soaring all around the world, we saw our chance in generating traffic on a brand new website that will tackle unanswered gas-related questions. All of our articles are informative and thorough and provide our visitors with valuable pieces of information that can help them save money on gas.

A chance to earn money for gas

In addition to giving our visitors much-needed tips on how to save money on gas, we give our users a chance to earn money for gas. They can do so by answering our paid surveys. We have made sure that it’s fast and easy to create an account, as well as receive payment. We encourage our users to fill in their profiles completely to be notified by email when there are available surveys that best match their preferences.

Once our users reach the payment threshold, they can withdraw the money to their PayPal account with a click of a button. Our surveys enable our visitors to earn money for gas. The best part is that we offer free membership to our users who then decide how many surveys they want to take part in.

Shaping the future products

We value the opinions of our users and we reward them accordingly. The answers that our users provide in our paid surveys shape the future products and the market itself. We offer ordinary people a chance to have a say in how companies can improve various products and services.

Our company, Opinodo ApS, has achieved great success with GasAnswer, a brand that represents the pinnacle of our content market and paid survey strategies. We take pride in GasAnswer, as one of the rare websites that manage to be both informative and rewarding.