It is easy to sign up and get started using In this guide we will go through the different aspects. This will qualify you to decide if is right for your business.


Before you sign up for your account, you have to see if is the right traffic monetization and email recruitment platform for you.

  1. Do you have any traffic on your website/websites or through the email data you have already collected?
  2. Do you need a monetization platform to increase your earning per average pageview without sacrificing your current advertising spots?
  3. Do you need an effective tool to convert your traffic into double opt in email subscribes?

If you can say YES to any – or all – of these questions, is something you should consider making a part of your business strategy.

What does do?

Basically, makes it dead easy to convert your traffic into an email database.

We do this by integrating our script into your site and your users are presented for our high converting message asking them to earn incentives (money) for signing up to a user panel.

The users are payed cash via PayPal (by when they participate in surveys, and you are payed cash to your bank account every month for all the complete interviews your referred users have made. At the same time, you have full access to download your user database as a valuable email property for any other offerings you have from your main property.

How does it work?

As a standard, your users are sent to our recruitment site when the signup process is handled. handles all the following things: 

  • Recruitment tools (popup script for your site, referral urls etc.)
  • Signup site (on for +50 countries
  • Dashboard for you, where you can follow your recruitment and earnings at any time. Here you can also download your email database for use on your site.
  • Daily support for your as a publisher and for the panelists.
  • All work regarding sending of survey invitations to panelists via email and selection of interesting survey content for the panelists to answer.
  • Timely payments directly to your bank account.