After seeing the first results on Outdoor Is Home, we started to build other media properties. Doing extensive research, we found another interesting niche for testing the gap-in-the-market theory. This one was about extreme sports.

People were discussing extreme sports and asking so many questions on forums, Reddit and Quora. Lucky for us, they couldn’t find enough information about the topics they were interested in. We knew this was a clear sign that we need to start a blog on extreme sports and provide people with the information they were looking for. So, we started the work on Go Extreme Sports.

Answering unanswered questions

When choosing a niche for new websites, we want to make sure that there are many unanswered questions about the particular niche. In addition, we want to see that users on sites like Quora are talking about it. Our focus is to have an informative blog that provides high-quality answers to questions that are not answered online in a clear format.

Our editorial team has a hard job. They need to do extensive research before they start to write for our ultra-niche websites. Typical answers are found in a very fragmented format on sites like Quora or similar forums. Since they can’t find the information in other articles, they need to spend a lot of their time reading forum discussions and, sometimes, they even have to participate in them.

A gap in the market

By providing answers to the questions found using Google Search, we manage to rank high even though we don’t focus on targeting any particular keywords. The results show us that there is a gap in the market regarding generating traffic on brand new websites that can be used in many ways for generating passive income.

Go Extreme Sports

Go Extreme Sports is a website for all adrenaline rush lovers. We provide information about various extreme sports topics – how to indulge in a particular sport, where to look for the necessary equipment, how to maintain the equipment, and many other similar topics. Instead of following basic SEO principles, we focus only on providing an informative text that answers readers’ questions.