At Opinodo we get a lot of questions regarding the earning potential from Opinodo Surveys vs advertising alternatives – primarily Google Adsense. In this post I will go through a case example from a small publisher that have run Opinodo Surveys for 6 months.


Let me introduce you to our publisher Jakob who run the site, focusing on guides for DIY builders. He has always monetized his site through Google Adsense.

During the test period from October 16th 2015 to April 16th 2016 had 23.121 visits to the site and 45.157 page views.

Implementing the Opinodo popup, saw no drop in earnings from Google Adsense, averaging an $15 RPM (editors note: RPM is a standard advertising metric for revenue generated per 1,000 pageviews) earning from Adsense both before and after the implementation. This mean that the somewhat intrusive popup had no direct effect on the advertising earnings.

The estimated earning from Adsense was $675 during the period.

Recruited 468 Opinodo panelists while running Google Adsense

During the test, recruited 468 double opt in Opinodo Panelists – with around 20.000 times the popup was shown for users (one time per unique IP per month). In this blog post here we go into depth on what a panelist is worth over time. In this case the panelists are all recruited in Denmark.

Seeing an $97.44 revenue per year from each 100 recruited Opinodo Panelists and a 20 % yearly estimated churn rate, created an income pipeline of $456 in year one, $820 for year 1 + year 2, and $1,112 for year 1 + year 2 + year 3.

Opinodo + Google Adsense = Massive RPM increase

This means that created an income stream of $1,112 in pipeline value for the next three years (as of April 16th 2016) if they choose to stop recruitment to Opinodo Surveys today. Totally independent of further recruitment efforts.

Bottom line is that the value created with Opinodo over time vastly surpasses the earning from Google Adsense. The 3 year estimated RPM generated by Opinodo is in this example $25 – vs the one-time RPM of $15 generated by Google Adsense.

In this example we don’t take into consideration, that Opinodo Surveys earnings continue after the 3 years, of course making the case even better if we had a 5 year lifetime on the Opinodo Surveys earnings.

With Adsense + Opinodo the earnings for basically was raised from $15 RPM to a massive $40 RPM on a 3 year time frame pipeline. Just as hands-off as working only with Google Adsense.

Of course, it is an extra benefit that has secured permission to the collected and targeted database of panelists for email communication through other non-Opinodo channels.

Note: Estimated income calculated in this post is indicative and not finalized. The finalized income from Opinodo Surveys always has to do with the number of finalized interviews conducted through the recruited database. Inside the Publihser Dashboard in the backend of Opinodo the publisher can follow both recruitment conversions and finalized interviews.