Growing your audience on is key to making surveys and email lists an important part of your business as an online publisher.


As a publisher we offer you various ways make your recruitment efforts easy. In this guide we will focus on two ways to recruit:

  1. From your traffic to panelists/email database.
  2. From your existing email database to panelists.

Popup method

We encourage all publishers with any kind of traffic to a site to implement our popup script. We have done a lot of testing with our popup script to balance this recruitment process to be effective and yet not so intrusive that it will affect your relationship with your audience in a negagive way.

The result is a highly efficient unblockable popup. After installing the popup script and set the settings for the popup, you can basically lean back and let the script do the work for you.

Most publisher will not have to do anything else but to implement the script for to effective.

Custom link method

However, there are also one other very straight forward method to recruit: Our customized link.

This link (you can get it from  your Publisher backend) will track all panelists referred by you to your account.

Only your imagination sets the limits for the usage of the custom link method. But here are some of the ways, publishers use the custom link:

  • Own produced banners / text ads or even if you prefer to build your own popup instead of using our popup tool, the custom link is handy.
  • Google Adwords, Facebook Ads or any other pay per click marketing channel. For creative PPC-marketeers there are definitely money to be made in many markets.
  • For links in email marketing campaigns. Referring your existing database of emails into panelists are a quick way to boost your results.