Do you think that writing easy? Sure, mediocrity is easy. But, since you’re here, I don’t think that you would settle for that. You’re looking to excel and to write amazingly, right?

Well, if you don’t have time to read some books on copywriting, you’ve come to the right place. We are going to share with you some of the most important tips on how to write amazingly good copies:

#1 Who is your audience?

Know who you are writing to, because the text is going to be different depending on that. You have to know your audience – how old are they, are they predominantly male or female, their level of education and similar.. For example, how are you going to write for young people? if your copies are intended for young people, you should write simple and understandable sentences, with interesting and funny moments.

#2 Create a rocking headline!

A lot of copywriting experts will say that good headline is the most important thing in every text. It’s up to you if you’ll believe them – but they are right. Why? Because the headline is the first thing readers will see. They usually decide if they’ll read the text based on the headline. So, if it’s not interesting and catchy, they won’t even read the text. Which means that you can write the best copy ever, but it’s all in vain without a good headline.

There are a lot of tips and tricks for creating good headlines, and some of them are:

  • Add numbers to your headline
  • Write convincing and effective words
  • Be unique
  • Ask questions
  • Make them want to know the answers now

#3 Offer value

Always offer value to your readers. You should be specific with what your copy is about and how it can be helpful to your customers. People want to know what you can do for them, so be clear with that – explain to your readers what they can expect from you, offer them a value they can’t refuse. Also, be specific with numbers – if you have any statistics you want to share with your readers, do it.

#4 Be a storyteller

Storytelling is something that almost anybody wants to read. It’s personal, usually very interesting, inspiring and it keeps attention. This doesn’t mean that every copy should be storytelling, but when you can, add a story in your text. Or even better, sometimes the topic is perfect for an entire storytelling text. But, it’s important to not overdo this, because it might become boring.

#5 Appeal to emotions

This tip is kind of similar to the previous one, because when you write storytelling you appeal to emotions. But, targeting emotions is way wider concept than just storytelling. People are emotional beings and, as much as we think that we’re racional, we’re more emotional. Whenever you want to be persuasive, don’t just write facts – instead make your readers feel some emotion while reading your text.

#6 Activities after publishing a text

You don’t think you’re done at the moment when you click “publish”, don’t you? Because that’s when the communication starts – and without communication you won’t have common readers. Always be available to answer the questions, on your website, blog, email, Facebook and any other Social Media. Your next step is growing your audience, and communication is one of the important parts. Ask for their opinion, answer comments and questions, always thank them when they add a suggestion and similar. Make your readers feel comfortable and important.