Learn to know Opinodo

On this page will give you the breakdown of Opinodo, the business we work in and how we can help publishers to monetize and collect valuable emails from visitors at the same time.

What is Opinodo?

Opinodo is a business to business hub for supply of online respondents for market research interviews. We connect companies with an audience (media, e-commerce, lead generation and blogger companies) with market research companies in need for a diversified sample of people. Each interview is sold for an amount and the money generated are shared between the publisher, the person doing the interview (panelist) and Opinodo. The interview and it’s questions are always defined by the end client, never by Opinodo. The end of Opinodo is always a market research company. The market research company has the full contact and reporting responsibility to the company, media outlet or public organisation buying the interviews.

Understanding the business of online market research

We often get the question: »What do you do?«.  Well, to answer this question you have to understand what comes before and after the product that Opinodo delivers in the value chain of online market research surveys. Below we have described the process of a survey from the moment where the need is born – to the delivery of the final report. We have highlighted the bidding and interview process where Opinodo comes into the picture.

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    The marketing department of a cosmetics company want to know how their new shampoo brand release will be received by potential customers. (Opinodo is not a part of this process).

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    The cosmetics company are experts in beauty products, but not in questions and interviews. Therefore they team up with a market research company. (Opinodo is not a part of this process).

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    Since the new shampoo brand’s primary target group is women between 15 and 35 years of age, this group is selected for the survey. It is decided that 1,000 completed interviews will be needed every quarter to track the reception of the shampoo brand over time. (Opinodo is not a part of this process).

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    Since the market research company may not have access to a large and diverse sample needed, Opinodo and other suppliers of interviews and respondents are contacted. A price based on target group, lenght of interview and other metrics are agreed upon.

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    The panelists are contacted with an invitation to participate in the interview about the shampoo brand. An incentive reward for participation is given upon completion to the panelist. The profit after incentive costs of the money received from the market research company are shared between the recruiter of the panelist (the publisher) and Opinodo.

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    The results from the interviews are now analyzed, packaged into a report and presented to the cosmetics company by the market research company. (Opinodo is not a part of this process).

The Opinodo process

Below we describe the basic steps of the value chain. Note that as a publisher your only job is step one (recruitment). Everything else from there will be handled by Opinodo.

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    You recruit people

    Site owner uses Opinodo lead capture tools to recruit users. Recruitment can be done directly on a site (for instance via popup) or on a landing page on one of our panel brands.

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    We find surveys

    From different market research companies we collect surveys.

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    We match surveys with persons

    The right interviews are matched with the right persons to answer them.

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    We send out invitations

    We invite people to the survey through one of our panel brands. This is typically done by email or other push communication.

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    We pay interview participants - and you

    Every time a person completes a survey, we add money to this person’s account. At the same time we add money to your Opinodo account, since you recruited this person. Monthly payment limit for publishers are 60 € and the limit for panelists vary from country to country.

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    We help you - and your recruited users

    Helping people with answering questions is an important part of Opinodo. We want to give excellent support both to panelists (people answering the surveys) and publishers (companies recruiting panelists).


Recruitment is the only task publishers has on the Opinodo platform. We have tried to make recruitment as easy as possible. The best methods are when recruitment is automated. In this section we focus on the best tips to recruitment of Opinodo panelists (and email subscribers for your brand). It is free list building and traffic monetization at the same time.

The popup method is a very well know way to recruit people to a newsletter or sign up as members. The idea is simple: The popup is a light instrusive method where every user see the popup one time over a certain period. The popup has a clear value proporsition and registration is done directly inside the popup. We highly recommend the popup solution because it is so effective and it demands no work at all.
Opinodo Publisher API is a tool that makes it easy to integrate, and can be used by the Publisher to acquire different usage data of your panelists.

If you wish to inform yourself more or to receive the API documentation, contact Aleksa, our Operation & Partnership Manager at ah@opinodo.com. He will enable your API access, and you can start onboarding panelists.

If you need help from the technical side, please contact Milos, our Team Lead Developer at mm@opinodo.com.

If you are sending transactional emails, such as “Thank you for your purchase”, “Welcome to our webshop” emails, it is very easy for you to include invitations to your customers to participate in surveys. This method is extremely effective especially for e-commerce sites.
This is the most effective method to recruit a lot of panelists at one time. Sending out a newsletter telling your list about the option to answer surveys and get paid for doing so will definitely attract a lot of signups. Especially since the signup process is done so fast on Opinodo panels.

Note: In our experience, the best results are achieved either via the Popup or through the co-reg API, where panelists choose to receive surveys from us.