Lead backend developer for Opinodo.com

We are looking for a lead backend developer to take on a key technical role in Opinodo.com. In accordance with the overall strategy, your tasks will be to be in charge of the development and maintenance of our platform in a scalable way for admins and users, including constructing an API from the ground for our partner companies to integrate with our platform. You will have a strategic role to play in choosing the right solutions in a new and modern code base.

About you


  • Expert level PHP, MySQL / DB structure, Linux and Apache skills.
  • Laravel.com experience is a must.
  • Experience with data integration with external webservices and APIs such as for instance Sendgrid API for transactional emails.
  • Experience with constructing and maintaining an API is a must.
  • Proficient in GIT – and committing changes to Bitbucket.
  • You are a fast learner and enjoy to master complex logics.
  • You love to make sense out of massive amounts of data, transactional events etc.
  • Good English skills is a must since this is how we communicate across the team.
  • It is a plus if you can be in charge of other future developers tasks/work and to some extent also help with the recruitment. For instance through your network.
  • +3 years of coding experience.


What we offer


  • A super interesting job in a growth data oriented tech company where there is a short way from idea to execution. Say goodbye to long decision processes, old legacy code and non-techy people telling you what to do.
  • A lot of freedom, flexibility –  and responsibility. Most employees in Opinodo work from home a lot of the time. We talk openly and encourage people to come with own ideas.
  • An international spirit. We have a product that knows no borders and the same goes for the team.




If you have any questions you can reach out directly to CEO Niels Thimmer on nt@opinodo.com or COO Milos Belcevic on mb@opinodo.com. Also, check out http://opinodo.com/how-opinodo-works/ to get a quick breakdown of our business model.


How to apply?


Send your application, CV and image to job@opinodo.com. Links to social media sites like Linkedin would be great to include – and you can use a linkedin link as an alternative to a CV if you want.

Milos Belcevic
Milos is the COO at Opinodo, with a background in project management, biz dev, marketing, communications and journalism. He worked as a freelancer on various projects for clients from more than 15 countries before joining Opinodo to take part in shaping it. He has passion for literature, touch for storytelling and heart for startups.
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