Where to begin?

In our previous blog, we’ve explained why using social networks is such a good way to collect leads. But maybe you’re not yet so experienced or you just don’t know where to begin. That’s why we’re going to share some valuable tips and tricks about the most efficient way of using social media.

One study said that about 60% of all internet content is never viewed, used or downloaded. So just like in any other company’s project or working method – to be able to collect and generate leads through social networks – a strategy is necessary. That’s why it’s much better, not to just randomly upload posts on all social networks, but to focus on few and use them efficiently. Here are some suggestions:


For a long time already, Facebook is the most popular social network with more than 2 billion users all around the world. Therefore automatically the best place to start. Obviously with this huge number it’s logical to conclude that the users are individuals from every age group. So it’s a lot easier to find the targets and potential leads with this amount of people on one place.

How to do that? Post interesting and quality content rather than spamming. Facebook users are more likely to approach themselves if they see you offer something that they are interested about. Make sure all of your posts lead to your website. So instead of trying to achieve sail right away, build a relationship with users and sail is guaranteed. You just need to be a little patient.

If you’re business allows you, organize an event, maybe a meet up, where people from similar business branches are going to come to discuss about specific subject. Ask for information, as e-mail, from everyone who wants to participate. And there you go – a lot of new leads.


LinkedIn is considered to be a business social network so you must pay attention that you have high-quality and valuable content. LinkedIn is a good place to focus on B2B (Business to business) marketing. So your prime goal here should be targeting companies and individuals with previous interest in similar businesses like yours.

How to do that?

Post a title about a theme that you know is currently interesting and offer free download in exchange for their information. Make sure to put in a link that leads to your website so the visitors can see what else are you offering too.


Although, they certainly don’t represent the entire Instagram population, the largest group of users are teenagers and young adults. The picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to Instagram – posting a photo that’s going to draw attention with a link that directs to a target page – it’s worth will be reflected in many ways. The possibility of posting content that is automatically being deleted later, using Instagram story, increases the number of users who are involved in all your activities. These posts are very significant as  free promotions.

How to do that?

The key is to post content while your followers tend to be online. It’s shown itself that during the lunch time, many people grab a chance to go through their social networks and see what they had missed while working. And because of its simplicity, Instagram is first in a row to be checked out. So make sure to use that to your advantage.

Also don’t hesitate to promote your content – especially if you’re new. Your goal is to make an account that is viewed by a lot of people who are going to end up on your website and potentially become a lead. But, that costs money. Don’t give up right away though, Instagram has promotions for every budget. The prices go from 3 $ up to couple of hundreds.


The good thing about Twitter is that you get insight into metric data, not just the one you paid for but for all. Also you can actively follow changes for better results of your campaign. By following the audience’s reactions, you can improve the content you will promote next so it can be more efficient and more successful.

How to do that?

It’s all about hashtags. With them, you attract specific people – targets. One study says that 69% have bought something as a result of a tweet and 94% are planning to buy something from companies they follow.

Also, use a Twitter bio. That’s the first thing people see, so attach link to your webpage or a link of your best content. It doesn’t matter how well designed your tweets are if your target audience don’t sees it. So use Hubspot suggestion and advice about when the audience you want to attract is online and follow that guide.  


Just like any other company’s project, it takes time and effort to achieve it – but be patient and try hard. Social networks guarantee success.