Lead generation represents a set of activities of attracting people to your offer, resulting in them giving you their contact information. This method will eventually lead to a sale – purchase.

Most people nowadays will use the internet to find something they need. So, guess what, the best way to collect leads is by using internet as well. It’s very important to be present in areas where your target audience might be.

In this article we’re going to talk about how to collect and generate leads through social media.

WHY is social media so important?

New research is showing constant progress and expansion in use of social media. Social media users use this medium to visit other websites. Therefore, uploading posts and campaigns about your business on daily basis is one of the most effective advertising methods, which will increase the amount of people visiting your website. Eventually you’ll be able to turn these visitors into leads, and leads into customers.

The great thing about lead generation on social media is that, if done right, it can be totally free. Let’s see some of the other benefits of using social media:

–       Great number of potential followers

–       More visitors that will possibly became leads

–       Chance of more meaningful promotions

–       Building stronger relationship with target group

–       Personalized communication with individuals

–       Time for which you achieve a sale is significantly reduced

WHAT is important?

Instead of trying to make a sale directly on social networks, focus on collecting leads. If you force yourself on your users, the natural reaction is to back out. Therefore, don’t do that. Let them come, see what you do, follow your page, get interested in your product or service.

Remember, the more followers you have, the more potential leads you have.

But how do you attract followers? Where do you find then, or better – how do they find you?

These are several ways :

·         Promoting gated content (that has value to users)

·         Public available content

·         Searching out individual leads

·         Promoting your products/services to generate inbound leads

Make sure your promotions have link that leads to your webpage. If people like your social network, they are usually going to like your site as well. Be creative – give them reason to seek more information about your work!Co


In this blog we’ve seen why is it so important to use social media for lead generation. But, you do need some skills to get the best out of it. That’s why, make sure you stay tuned, because in our next blog, we’ll share some tips and tricks about how to generate leads through social network.