If you’re new in world of blogging, you probably don’t have many monthly visitors (except rare and lucky individuals). When your blog’s traffic isn’t big, you might think that there are no options for monetization. But, it’s not like that. Here are 3 tips on how to earn if you have less than 1000 monthly blog visitors:

#1 Online courses

First of all, I’m not claiming that this will be an easy job, but it’ll be worth it. You’ll need to have knowledge in a certain field, time to plan it all out and patience to lecture others. Are you wondering why online courses are such a good choice? Because it doesn’t matter how big your traffic is as long as you are offering something really valuable to your readers. The emphasis is on the word value – texts don’t offer as much as information and value as a good course does.

People love courses, that’s why it’s so popular among publishers. But, it’s a “two-edged sword”: the upside is that you can easily find platforms for creating online courses, and the downside is that there’s a large competition.

We believe that you’re thinking something like “it must be hard and I can’t do it”, but you actually can. The course needs to be innovative, interesting and informative, that’s the most important thing – you can even create an online course about well-known topic. It will be good as long as it’s unique.

#2 Link up with influencers

If your blog is about offering a product or service (and you have less than 1000 monthly visitors), it’s a good idea to build a relationship with influencers. Even if your blog is really successful, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll achieve what you planned. What’s the catch? It’s not about collecting any leads, it’s about generating the right ones. That’s why it’s important to find influencers similar to your blog’s niche.

So you have the product and an influencer has the traffic – it’s a “win-win” situation! Influencers are very valuable because people trust them. They have passionate followers, sometimes even real fans, and that’s why their promotion of your product/service will be useful.

#3 Opinodo

This is another good and innovative way to monetize your blog if you have less than 1000 monthly visitors. Opinodo is something like a middleman between market research companies and publishers. You’re wondering how Opinodo is a good choice, right? Well, your job in the entire process is only to recruit people. And, for example, if you recruit only 1 person, every time when there’s a suitable survey available for that person, you’ll earn. So, you don’t need constant visitors to earn money.

The process is simple: you register on the Opinodo website, recruit people (directly on your blog/website, via pop-up for example) and your work is done! Recruited people will receive surveys, fill them and then they’ll get paid, as well as you and we at Opinodo. Long story short, your job will be simple and you’ll be able to earn – even if your traffic is not big enough.