The team

Our team is focused on delivering a responsive and service minded experience to the publishers on the Opinodo platform. We believe in an online publishing industry where market research and data collection is a cornerstone of the business. 


Niels Thimmer


Niels Thimmer is co-founder and CEO of Opinodo. Having worked many years in the news publishing industry as journalist, editor and business manager, he knows the industry by heart.
Niels’ focus is on securing quality in every aspect of the Opinodo platform.

Niels K

Niels Klintø


Niels Klintø is co-founder and in charge of marketing, data and technical development.
With years of experience building online and selling consultancy firms, Niels has a strong focus on product and growth of the network.


Todor Mihajlović

Software Engineer

Todor has always been curious for the way things work – when he sees something new, he doesn’t stop digging until he understands the principles behind. This curiosity and dedication are the things that made him choose computer science, and it’s also what makes him good at what he does. Skilled in PHP and Java, he helps Opinodo build new features and products.


Marko Obrenić

Back-end Developer

Marko is ambitious web developer who is currently focused on PHP, but is also enjoying solving different programming problems. He is looking forward to growing as a developer, improving code structure and making application more optimized. In his spare time, he likes improving himself by exploring new technologies.


Ilija Mihajlović

Junior Back-end Developer

Ilija is an enthusiastic and motivated young software developer. He takes any challenge head on and spends every day experimenting with Java and PHP. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with family friends.


Kristina Nikolić


Kristina is our Chief Financial Officer and her main responsibility is to oversees a company’s finance. Providing legal oversight and advice for a company, Kristina is always looking for an improvement. She is also certificated Billy accountant at Billy Regnskabsprogram. In her spare time she enjoys traveling and spending time with friends.


Anica Simović

General Marketing Manager

Anica is in charge of our content-based marketing efforts across all of our brands. Apart from planning the strategies for our existing and new sites, she also improves the design of our websites, handles recruitment of new copywriters, and takes care of other content procedures. When she’s not working, she enjoys hiking and exploring new places.


Anđela Štulović

Marketing Management Associate

Anđela is our marketing management assistant whose job is to help the team by assisting in organizing marketing campaigns and doing translations for different projects. She is spending her free time learning new things and improving her skills.


Damjan Bogdanović

Project Lead

With his broad-spectrum approach, Damjan navigates market expansion and helps with conversion optimization. Having a strong background in critical thinking and a meticulous eye for detail, he is ensuring a superior product quality with his team. Aside from that, he is an avid music digger and a home cook.


Suzana Ivanišević

Customer Support Specialist

As a quality process engineer, Suzana is someone who tries to see the company from the user’s point of view. Her’s dedication to understanding the users, handling complaints, and explain every question, provide customers to get quality service. In her free time, she enjoys nature, coffee, and good fun company.


Lazar Pavlović

Junior Content Writer

Lazar’s job is to create easy-to-read online content that will motivate our visitors to change their lives for the better. Besides being a professional content writer, he enjoys writing short stories, which he recently published in a collection.


Sara Gudelj

Junior Marketing Campaign Manager 

Sara is in charge of creating and translating landing pages for our international websites and optimizing them for all devices. Other than that, she is a nature lover, a coffee person, and enjoys dancing salsa and bachata.


Milica Cvjetićanin

Junior Marketing Campaign Manager 

Milica is in charge of creating landing pages for marketing campaigns in our company. She enjoys spending her free time with her dog in nature.


Rebeka Mehović

Customer Support Assistant

Rebeka is an English Language and Literary master’s student who uses her language and communication skills at our company. Being in direct communication with our clients gives Rebeka a wide variety of opportunities to help them see firsthand that they are cherished and worthy of our time and effort. In her spare time, she enjoys reading books, watching movies, and spending time in different social activities.


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