Meet the team at Opinodo

Every year Opinodo processes hundreds of thousands of complete market research interviews from many different publishers – used by hundreds of different companies and organizations in a wide range of markets and countries.

This is a meaningful way for blog owners and other publishers to monetize their websites, a valuable source of insights for companies and organizations, and a great way for ordinary people to express their meanings and earn some extra cash as well.

Our team is focused on delivering a responsive and service minded experience to the publishers on the Opinodo platform. We believe in an online publishing industry where market research and data collection is a cornerstone of the business. Create your publisher account today, learn more about us under and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or suggestions!

Niels Thimmer


Niels Thimmer is co-founder and CEO of Opinodo. Having worked many years in the news publishing industry as journalist, editor and business manager, he knows the industry by heart.
Niels’ focus is on securing quality in every aspect of the Opinodo platform.
Skype: nielsthimmer

Milos Milosevic

Information Technology Consultant

Milos Milosevic is Team Lead Developer at Opinodo, making sure that our platform runs smoothly and securely.
He has a strong background and more than 5 years of experience in software development, having worked on many exciting Toptal projects for various clients. He likes using engineering skills to solve different business problems creatively.

Milos Belcevic


Milos Belcevic is helping shape opinodo as COO, in charge of leading daily activities. He brings in new perspectives and experience from working for clients from more than 15 countries, with focus on communications and business development.
Skype: m.belcevic

Niels Klintø


Niels Klintø is co-founder and in charge of marketing, data and technical development.
With years of experience building online and selling consultancy firms, Niels has a strong focus on product and growth of the network.
Skype: klintoe

Stefan Antic

Software Developer 

Stefan enjoys solving interesting and challenging tasks that enable him to apply and further his skills. He has been concentrating on optimisation and back-end, and studied computer science. He is skilled in Laravel, PHP and SQL but also ambitious to improve himself in other languages and frameworks. He worked on different projects, like Serbia’s first platform for freelancers.
Skype: stefanantic7

Aleksa Hristov

Operations and Partnerships Manager

Aleksa Hristov is responsible for communication both with partners and with clients, and helps out with daily activities. Believing that good communication is the key to every good business relationship, his priority is that every stakeholder ends up satisfied.
Skype: aleksa.hristov1

Todor Mihajlovic

PHP Developer

Todor has always been curious for the way things work – when he sees something new, he doesn’t stop digging until he understands the principles behind. This curiosity and dedication are the things that made him choose computer science, and it’s also what makes him good at what he does. Skilled in PHP and Java, he helps Opinodo build new features and products.
Skype: todor.miha97_1

Nemanja Kazic

Junior Front End Developer

Nemanja has a strong sense for detail and believes in the simplicity and the cleanness of the design. With his knowledge, and the commitment to excellence, he goes the distance to create a strong first impression for our users. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time in nature.