MetroOpinion is an online market research community that offers a fast and easy way to earn money online. Its sleek design in combination with a global approach helped with building a strong brand that stands out in the market research industry.

Behind MetroOpinion stands the international exchange for market research Opinodo ApS – a company experienced in building a global network of panels that connect consumers with market research providers.

Market diversification and building better products

Market research is a great way of figuring out what consumers want and need. Through market research surveys, companies get detailed feedback on their products and how they can improve them to make their consumers happy.

In addition, companies get to spread the word about their brand and even promote new products. A kind of a top of the funnel marketing, where a large audience is familiarized with the brand to generate high-quality leads.

Real cash rewards

Unlike many other brands from the same industry, MetroOpinion offers real cash rewards for each participation in a survey. The amount a participant will receive after completing a survey will depend on the length of the survey they completed.

A simple and effective layout

Today, websites play an important role in making the first impression for a brand, so perfecting their look and functionality is a must. When starting MetroOpinion, we wanted to come up with a website layout that will not only convert well, but will also provide a great user experience.

With this in mind, we created a website that provides crucial information to users, simplifies on-page navigation, and makes good conversion rates. All at once.

Expanding horizons worldwide

The idea behind MetroOpinion was, and remains, to build a global community of consumers who want to make a change and make their voices heard.

At the moment, people from more than 90 countries and in more than 30 languages, can access surveys on MetroOpinion. We still continue to expand the brand to other countries, so we can enable more people to have a say in shaping the consumer world.