Just a couple of months after starting blogs about outdoor activities and extreme sports, we built another media property – Music Gearheads, a website that provides answers to questions about music and instruments. Because the strategy we used for Outdoor Is Home and Go Extreme Sports started to show results, we decided not to change anything when we started the work on our new website.

Same strategy, same results

Even with this third media property, we concluded that it is possible to rank organically without targeting any specific keywords or following any SEO strategies. The goal is to create content that is made for readers and not for bots and crawlers.

To do so, writers must spend a lot of their time researching the topic they want to cover in an article. This can sometimes be very time-consuming because the strategy for building ultra-niche sites focuses on answering very specific questions that were not answered online before.

When the research and writing processes are done properly, you will soon start to see the results of your hard work. Even though you weren’t targeting any keywords, you will eventually start to rank organically for them and the website will get more traffic as time goes by. This opens up many interesting business opportunities for the future.

A place for all music gearheads

Music Gearheads is a place for people passionate about music. Right on the Music Gearheads’ blog, we provide high-quality answers to questions that are not answered online in a clear and informative format. Our editorial team works very hard on finding the answers to all of these questions by informing themselves on various forums and learning what experts have to say.

On Music Gearheads, we cover various topics – from music instruments to refining performance techniques and expanding the repertoire. We like to believe that these articles could inspire our readers to start playing or at least try to play an instrument.

Growth and expertise

Behind Music Gearheads, as well as Outdoor Is Home and Go Extreme Sports, stands Opinodo. Opinodo is growing and our plans for the future include even bigger growth. We currently have many ideas for different pilot projects. More importantly, after expanding the team in Belgrade, we now have enough manpower for to start and manage several different projects.

Free membership sites have been and will stay the core of our business. However, we believe that now is the right time to expand the business into other areas and maybe do something that is a bit out of our comfort zone.