Everybody nowadays wants to invest little but to achieve big. That’s why we’re now here to explain the best way to use newsletter, as one of main e-mail marketing solutions.

Newsletter is a notification sent via email, for which interested individual previously applied. How to find and generate “leads” interested in what you’re offering, check out our previous blog. Newsletter contains a report about news and activities of a business or an organization that the person is interested in.

Must knows!

E-mail marketing is one of the main marketing solutions nowadays. One statistics says that consumers who purchase products through email spend 138% more than those that don’t receive email offers. Another statistics says that 80 % of retail professionals indicate that email marketing is their greatest driver of customer retention. Newsletters keep clients informed about the latest news, possible discounts and special offer of the company. Keeping your users informed, you strength relationship with them. Once they became your regular customers, you can ask them to invite their friends to subscribe. Giving them something in return, they will recommend you with no problem. But first, you have to build a strong relationship – you need to meet your users. Think, will they be bored and eventually unsubscribe because I’m overloading them with information? Or should I send it more often? The following text will help you to find the balance, but still be regular when it comes to sending quality newsletters.

How it’s suppose to look like?

Simply – the design of your newsletter depends on what do you want to achieve. But since the newsletter should be a short information, each aspect of it should be well prepared.


  •  it attracts attention
  •  selects the audience
  •  transmits the whole message
  •  attracts the reader to read further from the title

Make sure the title cause interest. If they receive an e-mail which title didn’t intrigued them, they won’t even bother opening it – your e-mail goes straight to junk.


  1.  Make sure it’s interesting and unique
  2.  Don’t write long texts, rather decide to post the full text on the blog, and send the most important part in newsletter
  3.  Do not send newsletters too often or too rarely
  4.  Keep a regular schedule – always send newsletter on the same day at the week/month and do it regularly.
  5.  Don’t always try to achieve sail
  6.  Let your messages have a call to action

Keep in mind the W-questions – who, what, where, when, why + how. It’s possible to answer all these questions and still manage to keep it short and simple.


Just like we’ve mentioned in the beginning, everybody’s prime goal is to invest little but to achieve big revenue. Newsletter is perfect from that aspect because they are sent fast with minimum costs. On the other hand, results can be huge. Remember, your users subscribed because they are obviously interested in what you’re offering. So the distance between establishing contact and achieving sale is significantly reduced. Another advantage is that newsletter, as an e-mail marketing solution, exceeds all other promotional and communication channels because it captures great attention of the person who reads it. So use it! Try applying tips you’ve read today and see the results.