Digiopinion is one of our brands that has achieved remarkable success in improving business strategies as well as empowering consumers. With the latter in mind, we have recently launched a new website – Zihulo. Zihulo is the brainchild of our team who wanted to give our paid survey members a chance not only to earn money but save it as well.

Editor vetted real savings

Trying to save money and finding good deals online can be tiresome. That is where our editors step in. Our offer editor Andjela saves you both time and money. She cherry-picks the best offers online at no extra cost to you. You can find our offers on the blog page on the Zihulo website.

To avoid missing great offers and discounts, it’s best that you register and subscribe to get immediate access to the hottest offers, fresh from the oven, that our editors prepare for you every day. Sign-up for free and join thousands of happy members.

New service, new design

Since Zihulo is a new service, we thought it was only appropriate to put effort into designing a new and modern website, that is user-friendly and minimalistic, while at the same time displaying a vast array of products. We are confident that everyone can find deals and discounts to benefit from and we are on a mission to save consumers’ time and money.

Kill two birds with one stone

We do the hard work of finding the best deals online, so you don’t have to. Instead of browsing through countless deals online, you can use your free time to earn extra income by participating in our paid surveys. We give consumers a chance to both earn money with our surveys and save money with our offers. That way they kill two birds with one stone and end up with more money. The best thing is that we offer a free lifetime membership, which means endless possibilities for both earning and saving money.