You can’t learn blogging and publishing at school, right? That’s why you have to use the Internet for everything you want to know. Thankfully, all you need to learn is available online, but you’ll have to search a lot until you find something really useful and helpful.

The only problem is, when you start researching a specific topic, you will find dozens of articles and texts – and the problem is which one to read. Usually, you choose the one with the best headline, isn’t it? So the headlines are extremely important, because people are often judging the text by its headline. Here are some of the amazing resources on how to create quality and catchy headlines:

#1      10 fantastic tips for writing irresistible headlines

Wow, what a cool headline, huh? That’s the point, to create a headline everybody finds interesting. This article will help you create amazing headlines – 10 tips and tactics are presented and explained. Having variations prevents boredom by your users, so do your best to pick up most of these tips & tactics (and feel free to come up with your own later on). If interested, you can read the article here

#2      How to optimize headlines using the 65 character rule

This article might be a sequel of the previous one, because if you read it, you’ll probably want to know more about “65 character rule”. You’ll be able to learn why headlines should have 65 characters or less and how will it improve your SEO. Read it here.

#3      How to Write Magnetic Headlines

If you don’t have an amazing headline, nobody, except your friends and family, will read what you wrote in the text. So, you just don’t feel confident with just these 10 tips, feel free to get the following e-book. All you need to do is to register here and you’ll receive your own copy of the ebook from CopyBlogger.

Okay, now you have all the resources needed for learning how to create mind-blowing headlines. After this, you will want to know how to create perfect CTAs, because they are as important as headlines. Here are some of the great resources on how to create appealing CTAs:

#1      5 tips on Writing Compelling CTA Copy

If you don’t have much time for long articles, but you still want to be informed, this might be interesting to you. It’s a short but helpful slideshare, without much text. Images and infographics makes this guide perfect, because it’s memorable and interesting. You don’t need to take your time for this one – so if you want to know more, visit the link.

#2     14 Real-Life Examples of CTA Copy You Should Copy

Okay, that’s a catchy headline! This article is all about CTA examples – only the good ones, of course. After you read how to create them, you can see it in practice, which might inspire you. Use this to learn and understand what works well in practice, but don’t steal ideas and CTAs from others – be original. You can check out the examples here.

#3      21 CTA Examples and 3 Rules for Effective CTAs

I found this article really interesting and useful because the author realized that almost every successful CTA is essentially the same. Furthermore, you’ll be able to read what not to do when creating a CTA, and it’s all shown through examples. Next to the examples, you can learn 3 crucial rules for effective CTAs. As you can tell, this is a really informing article, and you can read it here.