Operations Manger (Belgrade, Serbia)

Opinodo.com is an international marketplace serving Market Research companies with persons willing to participate in interviews online. We are based in Copenhagen, Denmark (management) and with a development team in Vilnius, Lithuania. We team up with various media companies and lead generation companies (publishers) giving these companies tools to recruit their audience to surveys. We get the surveys from various different research companies. We want to be one of the main global suppliers of sample to the Market Research industry.

The Operations Manager is the daily leader of our activities in Belgrade, where we plan to relocate the operations part of our business to. You are the executing person dealing directly front-line with our publishers, panelists and the public (PR, press etc) and you are in-charge of local HR-activities (like hiring the right persons in Belgrade). You are in the office and the one making other employees under your command (like students, interns, freelancers) feel inspired and worshiped.

Your tasks:

  • Setup of new panels.
  • Onboarding of new publishers – learn them how they can get most out of Opinodo.
  • Overseeing support of panelists and publishers in the marketplace.
  • Hiring employees for the company, setting goals and expectations for the employees and follow up on a daily basis.
  • Overseeing updates in the Opinodo system regarding price adjustments, payouts (Self-bill invoices to publishers, payment of panelists, etc.).
  • Overseeing content production for blogs, PR-outreach to media outlets done by interns/students. This is a very important way of marketing ourselves.
  • Payment of employees together with local accountant, local banking activities.
  • Budget planning and targets/goals planning. You will get your own budget and you will have weekly – often daily – contact to the CEO and CMO, who often will be in Belgrade to assist you.
    Some international travel must be expected.

Who you are:

  • Excellent English skills, written and spoken – very important! This is our working language.
  • Loyal, trustworthy and hardworking.
  • You deliver on your target goals. You put the time into it, and learn and correct yourself quickly when you fail.
  • Not afraid to use a phone and call 100 people you don’t know – like 100 publishers in 10 different countries.
  • You respect the value of every cent and you are constantly looking to cut the “fat”. But you are not afraid to double down and spend money when it makes sense.
  • You know your basic way around in Excel, Google Drive Suite etc. and you are a fast learner of new software products (like the Opinodo Admin platform).
  • You can work on various different tasks without losing focus. Therefore you are an excellent planner of your own time and plan your day, week and month goals like a pro. You track you time to each task.
  • You understand that the company’s success will mean your success and vice versa.
  • You communicate openly. You ask when you don’t understand. You highlight business malpractice directly to the CEO without any fear.
  • You find it fun to build something up – like a team – from the scratch. You are the first one to admit, when you have made a bad judgment. You never get emotional in a bad way when you correct others for their mistakes.
  • You could be in the beginning of your career. Maybe you have a business education, but it is not must. However, it is important that you are interested in building and growing a business.
  • You prefer to work in a startup rather than in a large corporation.
  • You are a fun loving person great to be around. You inspire your team and the rest of the company with positivity.
  • You will be our first employee in Serbia and you are therefore not afraid to learn to do even the more boring and monotonous work in the beginning. You understand, that you need to be a true master before you can ask a subordinate worker to do it.
    You are open for some international travel activity. You meet people of any nationality with true Serbian hospitality and humor.

What we can offer:

  • A fair base salary.
  • Great potential to earn more through our bonus program, where you will receive a proportion of revenue generated on any publisher on a recurring basis – as long as you are working in the company.
  • Access to a growing number of leads you will be able to earn bonus from when you convert them to recruiting panelists for online interviews.
  • You get a true possibility to put your skills as a manager and leader to the test.
  • International possibilities with publishers in many countries and a team currently spread out in Denmark and Lithuania.
  • All in all you will have the closest job to running your own startup company – without the risks, worries and sleepless nights.
  • A natural career step would be to become C-level director. Potentially you could end up as the next CEO of the company.


See more on this page: http://opinodo.com/how-opinodo-works/.
All applications should go to the HR-manager on this job. If you have company related questions for clarification, please write to CEO Niels Thimmer on nt@opinodo.com.

How to apply?

Send your application to job@opinodo.com. The personal motivational letter (excluding the CV) should be max 1 A4 page. An image of you and/or link to social profiles like LinkedIn would be appreciated. We look forward to hear why you are the right person for this job.
Deadline for application: 25th. of January, 2017.

Niels Thimmer
CEO and founder at Opinodo.com
Niels is the CEO and founder of Opinodo. He lives in Copenhagen in Denmark with his wife Julia and their two kids. Having worked for 10 years in the media business as journalist, editor and online business developer, Niels often shares his insights on online publishing and publicism. Feel free to reach out directly to Niels via email in the comments field below this article or via social media.
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