In this article I will take you behind some of the numbers of the market research industry from a business perspective to understand the subject.


Every year companies (like, almost any larger company you can think of) globally spend a combined $14,000,000,000 on learning what consumers think of their product and brands. To do this in a meaningful way, there is a global need for people that can attract real people to give real opinions in market research panels.

Because of the willingness to pay for online interviews, there are a room for securing publishers a revenue for attracting people – and give the people who answer surveys an incentive in cash to help keep them motivated as gamification of the interview process.
Opinodo makes it possible for almost any publisher to monetize web traffic through online surveys on a recurring, hands off basis – while at the same time building another valuable asset: A growing list of emails.

Surveys are an overseen revenue opportunity

While regular ads and affiliate links are a known way to monetize an online media outlet, publishers often have little attention on building recurring revenue around for instance market research surveys. The key reasons why publishers should pay attention to surveys in their monetization mix is:

  1. When recruited, you will earn from a database of users for many years to come every month.
  2. When recruited, you will earn even if you don’t spend ads space. You can recruit when you for instance havn’t sold all your ads space and pause recruitment without the income source dries out.
  3. Paid surveys provide a good value proposition for building your email database. ‘Get paid to join our panel’ sounds better than just ‘Sign up for our newsletter’. Most publishers will see a dramatic improvement en recruitment numbers.
  4. Enjoy high cuts of the earned money from the different survey companies and secure and timely payments.
  5. When set up, everything in your recruitment can run 100 % automated. It couldn’t be easier.

Are there drawbacks?

  • You need to be a little patient before you see real results. When you start to recruit, you will start from 0 users.
  • We need to have a little longer payment terms than you know from for instance Google Adsense. We reserve a payment time of end of month + 60 days before you get paid.