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I have for most of my adult life loved to publish online. After graduating as a journalist, I worked for several of the largest newspapers in Denmark. At that time no journalists wanted to work online – everybody wanted to be on print. Nobody, but me. Before I knew of it, I was editor. Soon, I found and interest that went a bit outside the editorial desk. The great problem for online publishing was (and still is) monetization. The news site only focused on ads and put little effort into other business strategies.

Surveys were a way to publicity
It was not quite a coincidence that I noticed the need demand for online surveys and the monetization aspects it held for pretty much any online publisher. Having a good, valid survey showing something interesting was almost always a 100 % sure way to get a news story from any company in the news. And lots and lots of companies were conducting surveys all the time to learn what people’s opinions are about products and services, to promote products and to create the fuel for any well executed PR campaign: Good stories backed by facts and numbers. One of the problems were, that somebody had to answer the surveys to give the knowledge so many companies and organizations longed for.

High barriers to get into the business
I decided to start a business around recruiting people interested in taking surveys. The barriers were quite high for somebody starting out without owning a large platfrom. Low revenue cuts, lots of long contracts and poor technological integrations were the standard. Creating, I have always kept myself and the needs I saw in mind from when I was starting out. My intention has been to create the product that I wished I’ve had access to. Basically a solution that makes it easy to recruit and earn from surveys as a small or medium sized publisher: No large contracts, negotiations, large minimum number of users, poor integrations into CMS platforms like WordPress and so on. today
Today, our partners conduct hundreds of thousands of online interviews per year – a number we are growing with attracting new publishers and working with our current ones. We are active in +50 countries in the world and our passion and business is to help publishers achieve success with monetizing traffic through surveys.

Niels Thimmer, CEO and founder, 

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