For many years, Opinodo’s business model has revolved around free membership sites. In 2021, we decided to shake things up. As Opinodo has managed to build a larger editorial team, we had enough manpower for starting a pilot project that focuses on building ultra-niche sites that target the English-speaking market.

With this in mind, a new website – Outdoor Is Home was born.

The basic premise

With Outdoor Is Home, we wanted to test out the theory that it is possible to generate traffic and get organic links with ultra niche sites. Based on this theory, new websites can get good rankings easily without having to target any particular keywords or buy traffic. There is a gap in the market that proved to be a great business opportunity.

Information over keywords

Our new pilot projects brought many novelties. Together, through trial and error, the team learned about strategies that were quite the opposite of those we followed before the project. We learned that it is possible to rank on the first page of Google with a brand new website just by answering questions found using Google Search. Interestingly, the focus was on providing information instead of trying to target particular keywords.


Some time had to pass before the first results started to show. But it was clear to us that there is a gap in the market in terms of generating traffic and media business around ultra-niche sites. This gap could be used for gaining passive income in many interesting ways.

After proving the theory correct, we proceed to build other media properties using the same strategy we used on Outdoor Is Home.

Outdoor Is Home

Outdoor Is Home is a website for nature and outdoor enthusiasts. This is the place where readers can find answers to some of the most intriguing questions about camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities. By reading the blog on Outdoor Is Home, website visitors can learn about the best camping spots around the globe, find quality camping and hiking equipment, and learn how to dive into the world of outdoor activities.