This article will give you insights in what kind of revenue, you can expect from building a panel property.


Revenue from is always based on how responsive the people the publisher refers to are.

In this article I have based the revenue expectations on averages. Some publishers have more responsive users, and some have less responsive users.

First, I will go through some basic concepts you will need to understand to learn the monetization potential with

Engagement rate

The below figures are based on estimated yearly income for the publisher per 100 emails recruited with an engagement rate of 50 %. Engagement rate means the percentage of emails that opens survey invitations and thereby interacts.

An engagement rate of around 50 %  is quite normal since to achieve since all data in are double opt in (the best way of recruiting for many reasons).

Double opt in

At all collection is done through double opt in, where subscribers verify that they are OK with getting a few survey invitations each month.

This process ensures that we can deliver emails safely to the subscribers and gives you as a publisher a good database if you wish to use the collected data from your own brand (make sure to include your brand in the privacy policy to legally ask for permission to contact your users through emails).

Emailing frequency

At we work with a standard emailing frequency of maximum one email every 5th day. However, in generel we are only sending on average 2-3 emails per month since a too heavy use of a database doesn’t do any good for the Panelist Lifetime Value (PLV).

Panelist Lifetime Value

When you recruit a panelist to your account and start earning from the completed interviews this panelist is making online, earnings can seem small at the first glance.

The thing is, that earnings are recurring. This mean that you will earn even when you stop recruiting. As long as your panelists are answering, you simply can’t stop the revenue stream.

Therefore it is important to look at the long term. Let’s take an example to explain this:

  • Let’s say that you recruit 100 emails (panelists) in my home country Denmark and stop further recruiting.  
  • Let us assume that you have a 50 % response rate (as explained above). 
  • Your income first year should be 97.44 €, based on our historic results. (Note that historic income is no guarantee of future income). 
  • We expect a yearly depreciation of 20 %. This is also referred to as churn rate. This is the estimated value that your panel looses – based on averages.
  • The first 5 years your 100 emails would have generated: 97.44 € (first year) + 77.95 € (second year) + 62.36 € (third year) + 49.88 € (fourth year) + 39.91 € (fifth year). In total you would have earned 327.54 € from your 100 emails – or 3.28 € per email – the PLV for a 5 year term for this example. This is based on a conservative estimate – we have publishers making better results. 
  • … and the revenue just goes on and on … this is in essence the beauty of recurring income.

Panelist retention

At we believe that we are good at panelist retention. This lead to high long-term engagement from panelist awaiting their next survey. The panelist retention is high because of the following reasons:

  1. We pay panelists cash for completing surveys directly to their PayPal account. This gives an incentive for many to participate.
  2. We don’t drown panelists in emails. We believe in a long term relationships with both publishers and panelists. We would soon be out of business if we did not live by this rule
  3. Quick help to panelists. Sometimes a panelist have a question and our international helpdesk is there – free of charge – at service.
  4. Quality surveys. With our partners we select surveys that are fun and where the length of the survey is clearly noted in the invitation email.

Monetization estimates per country

An important thing when working with is the fact that no country is the same. We offer you as a publisher to work with us i +50 countries spread out on every continent in the world.

However, the income potential in Sweden is  Argentina is only estimated 25.16 € for 100 panelists per year – where the estimated earnings in Sweden is 114.53 € for 100 panelists. can still be a solid source of income for Argentinian publishers, but you would need to know that there is a difference.

It should be noted that the below revenues are based on historical results and is no guarantee for future results.

All numbers are based on 100 emails (panelists) with an engagement rate of 50 %. We have only listed some countries below to give you some examples. If you have requests regarding any opportunities in any countries, please reach out to me at 


Denmark: 97.44  €

Sweden: 114.53 €

Norway: 101.40 €

Germany: 63.60 €

Holland: 54.81 €

Poland: 37.38 €

France: 57.51 €

Lithuania: 22.60 €


USA: 46.56 €

Argentina: 25.16 €

Brazil: 32.82 €

Canada: 44.33 €