With years of experience in building paid survey platforms and high consumer satisfaction, we have decided to expand even further. That’s how SampleUnite came to be. It’s a market research website with paid surveys anyone can do, and help shape future products while being paid for it.

This platform is operated by Opinodo ApS – a trustworthy company with scoring results in gathering and distributing market research results.

The idea behind

Our main starting point was to create a website that’s easy to understand and navigate. The idea is pretty straightforward. We want to gather users from around the world who are willing to share their opinion on products in exchange for a reward.

This works so well because anyone taking their business seriously knows the importance of listening to their market and adapting to its needs. It’s also a great opportunity to share news about new products and brand expansion for industries. The information we gather from our users carries value companies are willing to pay for.

Real rewards for users

SampleUnite offers real rewards for all users who complete their surveys, and it’s something we stick to on all of our platforms so far. The rewards available to the users are cash, gift cards, or charity donations. Those can be redeemed once the payment threshold is reached.

The amount of money a user can earn varies on the length of surveys, and money rewards are sent straight to the user’s Pay Pal account.

Free to join at any time

Anyone can decide to join SampleUnite for free, at any time of the day/night. And we made that process even more simple, by asking only for a few basic pieces of information. All that we need to start sending surveys is birth date, email address, and zip code.

For enhanced customer experience and more appropriate surveys, we suggest filling out the profile correctly so we have all the information we need. This makes it easier for us to distribute more surveys that match users’ interests and needs. It’s important to be matched with the right surveys and increase the chances of completing them, as it determines the amount of money a person gets on this platform.

Having an impact on products and services

Our website offers a chance for common people to speak up about the products they use and care about and get rewarded. Our mission is to form a global community of paid survey users and expand to almost every corner of the world. So far, we believe that we are on a right track.